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Where are We Headed by UPA and ANNA

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The Difference between Aberration and Routine is Not understood, and that is main problem for INDIA in name of ANNA and UPA

1. No doubt, UPA with its arrogance, apathy and massive corruption, is much of abnormal entity in Indian system ~ kind of curse

2. This abnormal pain did required, extra measures, to solve issue outside ambit if Normalcy – and thats where First came in Baba Ramdev and then ANNA with his troop of leftist and NGO

ABNORMAL SITUATION AT TIMES NEED SPECIAL TREATMENT – UPA attracted this protest from public and protest is Justified – But wait its not the end.

3. UPA is NOT eternal, its a situational winner and hence to solve the treatment (ANNA led protest) has to be aberration and not daily dosage of medicine for life time to INDIA

4. Need to create system not with backdrop of specific situation but with backdrop of cluster of permutation and Combination

Eg – Whether PM should b under of ambit or not, should not be discussed keeping Man Mohan Singh in mind, but it should be discussed keeping in mind the Chair of PM and its rights and Duties, and future consequence. For PM Chair will always remain but not MMS

5. Same thing goes for Pro-ANNA, the current govt is thief / dacoit / brutal curse on INDIA – bt again UPA is not eternal reality hence Respect Parliament and Democracy.

Agreed Lokpal bill needed awakening done by BABA Ramdev and ANNA, all respect to BABA. but it ends very much there, let strong lokpal bill be tabled (already done by BJP as private member bill)

Now awakened society has to do job of vigil observer and not take role of interfering agent with rigidity

6. Also expecting now all reform law to b passed by such pressure is wrong, not that people dont have right, citizens are supreme – however its the citizens who have chosen representative to make law, so either replace inefficient representative

7. Such a mass awakening need not be ridiculed, it represent people’s anger toward oppressive government, however This has to be stopped once the process has started and let the democratic process start to overhaul this government who has thrusted anger dissatisfaction amongst its people.

LASTLY, just because ANNA got support for the cause against corruption, the support should not be misused for other agenda’s – Instead the strength and importance of parliament should be explained rather than ridiculing system. ANNA should explain the importance of political process, right as citizens – and warn not just cong but all the parties in politics that if they will be corrupt, such protest is in store, however – such protest is to b last resort and not the first. UPA’s apathy deserved this protest but not every future parliament needs this, let parliament be allowed to work in ambit of constitution in favor of people, While Anna can teach people how to be vigil and aware observant over government instead of interfering in govt at drop of h at

4 thoughts on “Where are We Headed by UPA and ANNA”

  1. Good write up… You have included many points whos answers must be sought for.
    But one thing I want to say that The revolution isn’t keeping in Mind merely Annaji or the MMS, RAUL vinci.
    The public was severely hurt.. Their restrain had reached a thresh hold point. The suppression of Baba Ramdev ji & midnight brutality on 4th June added up to Public anger. At the same time PUBLIC Got a leader, a Crusader… its Always that people feel cheated or betrayed by Govt policies n socio political situations they want to stand for cause but majority wants BHAGAT SINGH to be born in neighbour’s house.
    Now the question come Why PM under its ambit.
    See all of us want a STRONG tool / Law to fight back deep rooted corruption in Indian society.
    Do you know why KIRAN BEDI ji has a strong n impartial image? This is because she never let anyone escape.. Whosoever broke Law was punished. Eg. In early days of Her carrier she even didn’t let escape Then PM Indira Gandhi’s Car when it broke traffic rule.. She officially took Challan n then only let the CAR go…
    A message was sent across masses CRANE BEDI will not forgive if you break traffic rule. The effect of this was the Traffic of Delhi was stream line.. Do you remember – “Bhaya bin priti na hoye Gosai” .
    Same is with Lokpal Bill.. If PM stature person will be accountable there will be a message that everyone is under its ambit.. This fear will help reduce corruption t lower strata too.
    Second THE MEDIA across the nation has made a Issue this is MOB that is gathered in Ramlila Grounds.. They don’t know about JLP bill. Media is seriously confusing masses by just entangling them in legalities of this Bill.
    If masses have been so aware.. Do Govt think Congress would have been able to befool people n rule for 6 decades!
    I want ask does media forgot Golma devi an elected representative from Rajasthan.. Who was from Congress party but her degree of unawareness was that .. When Asked by media Apni jeet par kya kahengi.. See replied.. Kaa kahengi… bas je hi.. ki Atalji humare Pradhan mantra hain aur unke Naitritva mei hum sahi kaam koroongi.. She said this in typical rural Dialect. She didn’t even knew that she was Cong Candidate.. n PM was MMS.. This is reality.. People who don’t even know the age of their child can cast vote,, Give mandate on which leaders like Sibbal can boast! But if same people come to Ramlila Maidaan n express their anger Govt n media questions of Awareness level.. Might be all must not be knowing what JLP bill actually is.. but We can judge the anger against corruption & present Upa Govt.. Can’t WE??
    Thirdly if someone Like Anna ji has awakened masses, united them , made them stand for a cause.. we must utilise this opportunity to enlighten masses.. to educate them.. The need of hour is socio- Political change.. Not only Legislative.. Social change will come by this revolution.. Once society will start giving FAME n RECOGNITION on the basis of Values n qualities of INDIVIDUALS.. Once people will start looking down to the corrupt.. The basic desire to get recognition n fame by just acquiring POWER or MONEY through any way will disappear.. This will help us uproot corruption from the system!!
    This is best time to strengthen our VALUE system & NORMS. These are best informal way to stop corruption prevailing in society.. Think that way too… Keep writing.. Vandematram!

  2. Jay, this is in continuance to my comments to your note on FB yesterday.

    My skepticism with the Anna Hazare movement only increases by the day. There seems to be a sort of restless discomfort inherently hiding somewhere within the whole movement which the masses are missing out on and only the leaders are aware of. I may be too suspicious of the issue but my lingering intuition tells me that there is more to a conspiracy behind this movement that what we, the general public who stand to support it have understood. I cannot voice it here for fear of isolation however, I will adopt a wait and watch before succumbing to the Anna Hazare movement.

    Further, the precedent being set out here is very dangerous. It ridicules and downsizes the importance and sanctity of Parliament. If there is disagreement with the functioning of the Parliament, that should be addressed in the same manner in which the Parliament has been instituted and that is by Ballot. By adopting to such civil strife, a must in this instance of corruption I agree, there must be an intention of compromise for discussion. If obstinacy rules over sentiments, the purpose and intent of the movement gets lost in focus. Right now both the parties are submerged with obstinate intentions not willing to settle down to a mid point where matters could be discussed. That sort of an attitude is not appropriate for any civil strife. Public strength should be exhibited; thereafter which negotiations should take place. By attaching to uncompromising rigidity they are diluting the essence of its value.

    Again, the danger looming behind this movement is the habitual frequency it might end up with each and every discord public has with the Government. For example, Anna Hazare in his speech the other day was voluble in proclaiming that this is not the end to further issues he intends to take up after resolving corruption. He intends to take up the Farmer’s Land Grab issue soon after this. It is an open threat to the existence of an elected body. It will bring in chaos and anarchy. A dangerous precedent!

    Anna Hazare cannot move this JLPB forward without the support of a political party. No civil representation can proceed beyond a certain perimeter without the backing political parties. Anna Hazare has openly rebuked and refused the support of BJP. Which other political party can provide him with the numbers required to force the Government to a corner? His movement cannot sustain a lengthy time period. If the Government so chooses to play it with time, there will be drastic reduction in the now well nourished size of the movement. After all everyone has their personal priorities and families to take care of and unlike Anna Hazare, Bhushans, Kejriwals, Bedis etc, who are all retired people, the people on the street, now backing them, cannot sustain a lengthI will conclude by quoting my FaceBook comments here:

    Concerns far exceed the intent of purpose of Anna Movement.
    1) it is becoming an obvious deterrence to the more important Scams that are wriggling like worms out of a can;
    2) it is becoming an obstinate fight between an elected machinery and an unelected group of self rightists;
    3) it is losing its intent by not opting for a political backing without which no civil movement will find its way to the desk of the Parliament;
    4) Definite distraction from other core issues requiring abject attention of the common man including corruption and …..so on and so forth.

    In this time and era there is nothing like indefinite ‘strike’, ‘fast’, ‘protest’ etc. One has to submit to a midway compromise and proceed to extend the issue further from there on unlike the stale mate being handed out here.

    Hope better sense prevails amongst all participants, especially the so called followers of Anna, and they begin to realize that this could perhaps also be a deliberate distraction from other core and burning issues that could rattle the Congress led government.

    A purposeful blog and thanks for highlighting the issue y process of agitation sacrificing job and family. There will be dilution. It would be prudent of Anna Hazare not to let that happen and begin talks with the Government without being obstinate.

  3. Well written Jay… Most important thing is a strong anti-corruption bill and if Anna can help bringing it to table, why not?

    But we can’t afford to have him idolised for what he is doing now. Political processes are the backbone of Indian democracy, though it is also true that the entire mechanism is being ridiculed by UPA which has to be thrown out of power.

    As you have written, Anna’s movement should open the eyes of the people and try to make them vigilant in the corruption infested society and they should let the systems take over once the reforms are brought about.

  4. If corruption is a virus, then anna hazare’s proposed jan lok pal bill is an anti-virus

    anna reminds us of rabindra nath tagore, “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high……….”

    I hope the indian middle class anger and excitement is not short-lived

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