Dr. Swamy v/s Sickulars

Currently, In the flurry of articles and counter articles erupting, where some are showing legality, few others are referring to angles of culpability against Dr. Swamy and then there are many to support / endorse either the idea of Dr. Swamy or the fundamental right of Dr. Swamy to voice his opinion (while they still may not be concurring to the Dr. Swamy’s idea). The self claimed seculars have yet again polarised the genuine concern of Dr. Swamy, leaving very little room for sensible discussion or understanding and most importantly solving the problem, Islamic Terrorism. The pseudo-liberals yet again succeeded in putting the uncomfortable topic under the carpet and created situation, where in the technicality is been discussed with apologist mentality in general, rather than an attempt to solve the grave problem, Islamic terrorism. The fact is world at large be it Asia, Europe, US or Australia, each and every inch of this scarce land on planet earth has been affected by so called Islamic terrorism, directly or Indirectly, covertly  or overtly. The one who denies this fact is either lying or immune to reality or trying to reason out with horrid justifications. But none will have the galls to discuss the issue or how to resolve this Impending issue in front of the world which if not restricted can be a big question mark on the happy existence of peace and world in totality.

The idea if embraced or raped at swiftness of dropping a pin is always disastrous. This problem holds true for either side and even for those few who were trying unsuccessfully to pretend neutral or immune. The idea of Dr. Swamy’s idea as I can understand was to aim in solving Islamic terrorism’s grave issue for his and for my or rather OUR country, India. As far as his respect to various religions is concerned, his son-in-law is from Muslim community and wife from Zoroastrian / Parsi community. Even if, he has no relation with individual who hails from another community doesn’t make him fascist or takes away his fundamental right to voice his opinion in betterment of his country, where seditious scoundrels go free hand in abusing country right in the capital of India. The pseudo secularist sadly doesn’t know or understand either secularism or hindutva.

SecularismThe idea is pretty old where it was to de-link Church from the administration of state, and nothing more – rest all in humbuk and tom toming to suit the convenience the horrid thinking of bunch, who has this elitist arrogance of holier-than-thou.

And then there is another idiotic bunch tries to do away with religion (this bunch is not atheist, who has clarity, but this bunch is of confused irrationals). First and foremost to this confused soul who denounce religion as myth, I would like to say – if religion is not to be given importance only on the excuse that it is man-made and nothing divine in it, then the emotion to feel enraged / angered over brutal murder of closed one is also man-made. The emotion of humiliation and anger in the women or her closed one when some nuisance person molests / eve-teases / rapes is also man-made, and there is nothing called as divine doctrine which teaches that ‘how a person should act in certain manner in particular situation’, Hence thrashing religion by terming as man-made is stupid all the more squashing religious faith without having capacity to understand is futile. By the way, the emotions discussed above over the untoward events discussed are in abundance in me, and rightly so, but I also accept the religion to be supreme.

Hindutva – The word ‘Hindu’ or ‘Hindutva’ as I understand and many believes is beyond the definition of certain –ism. Hindu is much beyond religion. It is also a regional identity and not just limited to certain faith of a world’s oldest sect Hindutva goes a stretch further. Hindu is symbol of centuries old culture and philosophy that took birth and roots in this country, which is not just another piece of land. For instance, an Australian, can be a person who follows any religion of his choice, but he cannot denounce the tag of being Australian. Now coming to narrow aspect pertaining to the Indian pseudo seculars will happily term Ape to be his fore-father, by referring to ‘Theory of Evolution’ but will not go to their history books to understand , Sanatan Dharma – a faith was prevalent many centuries before Islam –ISM and Christian-ITY came in to existence and came to India. Hence proved their knowledge is hollow and discriminative.

Now coming to the main part of Dr. Swamy’s article which aimed solely on eradication of a problem of terrorism ~ Islamic terrorism.  None of the pseudo seculars have given a solution or attempted to discuss the issue of terrorism which is erupting on exponential manner. The one who disagrees with the solution method of Dr. Swamy, also can in no logical state deny or disagree to the looming threat of Islamic terrorism. Hence, I am amazed to see these seculars rubbishing the article at drop of the hat, while they are very zealous and enthusiastic in rubbishing the method suggested in the article and not making attempt to offer the alternate method (which I am pretty sure, they are lacking it). The self claimed liberals should first go and think and then attempt to pen down thoughts over how to eradicate this fascism emerging out of Islamism, instead of trying to use camouflage in attempt to sound secular. I will urge liberals / seculars to come out with solid alternate solution for problem which Dr. Swamy has written article on – Islamic terrorism. The technicalities or displeasure which liberals have on usage of certain words can be tackled later (however, I personally don’t see any untoward usage of words been there, yet will give seculars this discount to get opportunity of being heard, But only after they provide solution).

Finally, what is most clearly evident is the possibility that in hating Hindu faith so much so that the self claimed liberals are not ready to accept something called as Islamic terrorism, for if seculars deny existence of Islamic terrorism, I guess no neurologist can take care of them. Now as far as science is concerned, there is law in physics, which mentions, ‘Every action has equal and opposite reaction’. The pseudo seculars must thank that this law has not been enforced by sensible people over the atrocities enforced on them by this fascist who incidentally belongs to Islam. Also, they should understand that time has come where covering Islamic terrorism is over, Now it’s the action which has to attempted, to safeguard OUR country. The best answer from liberals which is the most idiotic is that, to remove one type of extremism, we should not motivate others, they are rightly so. But Dr. Swamy talks of no extremism. Only the failed secularist tries to package the Dr. Swamy’s article as communalist. When the article is read with neutral and sane mind, one will find very difficult connect something written in it as wrong, maligned or distorted and even offensive. Neither the opposition of conversion is wrong nor is acknowledging the regional identity flawed. Pakistan is enemy and has ulterior motive has to be accepted as soon as possible to secure the sovereignty of India, and every step must be taken under the sun to Protect India’s interest, there can be no “If’s” and “But’s” there. Enough of the nonsense of the liberals who have neither solved the problem nor have brought something better for India. The apologist should be once asked to be quiet and let there be no mincing word in calling what is correct as correct and right as right.

Hence before terming Dr. Swamy’s article as obnoxious, get the basics right and set the priorities in proper order. Dr. Swamy actually identified the problem right and in his capacity he gave solution, which has been right and accepted & hailed by plenty (The sole problem of seculars, as for them to detect problem and provide solution is only their forte).The right thinking Indian will support Dr. Swamy either for identifying the problem or for providing the solution or for both, like many Indians.

Reservation ~ Curse to merit or Boom to disadvantaged

 At the start, let me make a candid acceptance that I have been in receipt of reservation benefit under PH3 category (Once and Only time), and still I am against the blanket reservation given without merit angle applied to it. I don’t demand to absolve reservation but seek merit based reservation (sans caste/religion based), which will not lead merit and deserving student towards hatred of reserved category or worst towards depression and suicide. India being such a vast country and there has been huge population who are economically disadvantaged and for inclusive growth, we need to accept reservation as a ploy, however care should be take again misuse. I would strongly demand reservation ONLY for economically disadvantaged and differently able category of people, but will OPPOSE caste based reservation at all. I have consciously not used the statistics or specific examples to discuss advantage or disadvantage of reservation, as we are all well aware about the both merit and demerits. Also the misuse of reservation by politicians across the board is not hidden from anyone, and even the beneficiary knows about it.

Well Reservation should be given, but there is always a system which has to be adhered. Blind and irrational reservation which is motivated by vote bank politics has to be condemned.

Few points which I feel should be considered before giving reservation or devising reservation policy:

1.   Reservation to be given only at initial years: Disadvantaged communities / people (Handicaps included) should be given reservation in primary school, as in giving opportunity to build the career, and then subsequent monetary assistance at subsidized interest rate be continued to the economically poor class. Providing monetary assistance to disadvantaged student is much more important to sustain the daily expense while studying, and avoid inferiority complex that can play havoc due to lack of basic amenities. Any attempt to provide reservation in lateral years will not only affect social fabric but also take a toll on the guy /gal who is alleged to have received benefits, as reservation does not provide only token seat or position, but also the responsibilities are implicit, for which person has to be suitably trained and reservation can give the seat not polishing / training to handle stress

Giving opportunity at post graduate level is highly meaningless as ignoring merit, instead as suggested earlier, reservation should be given at start and not at the end of the tunnel where delivery on merit should be given importance and nothing more. Finally there should no reservation in seeking job, MERIT AND ONLY MERIT HAS TO BE APPLIED WHILE SELECTION OF CANDIDATE FOR JOB, no half baked measure in economy building. But “no reservation in job” has to be applied only after reservation at the initial stages has started.

Explanation for point 1An economically disadvantaged student getting opportunity at start with financial assistance will be better prepared to compete on merit and will not face inferiority complex at later stage. However, ignoring the merits and graduate or post graduate level affects the eligible student and also affects the output of the economy. This is fact because the reserved category candidate takes the lead over merit. Even if the reserved candidate is capable, the fact cannot be denied, one deserving candidate is denied his due place

2.   The Reservation must be correlated and capped: The reservation given also should not be blanket reservation, but be capped in correlation to the highest marks received in merit category, and only those reserved category candidate to be considered who are eligible in that capped demand. currently, even if reserved category students get just passing marks deserved the place in the school, which is to be abolished and merit oriented reservation should be considered

Explanation for Point 2 – Supposedly the course has 100 seats and reserved category seats are 5 within those 100 seats. The highest percentage in merit category received is 97%. The reserved category has to have a lower cut off but in correlation to 97% (highest marks), hypothetically, let’s assume calculated lower cut off for reserved category is 65%. Then only those students in reserved category shall get admission for those 5 reserved seats who have scored above 65%. If in scenario, only 3 reserved category students have scored above 65%, then remaining 2 seats to be awarded to merit category instead of inviting under performing reserved category student. By this merit students get the opportunity and shall not lose their deserved place to underperformer in reserved category. This system will build in the competition among disadvantaged lot, and shall not assume the reservation as birth right.

3.   Economic Reservation: There is talk that only one person of family should be given reservation and it should not be passed on to future generation of that family, as that family is already been taken care by being provided equal fighting status. However the idea is highly contentious and controversial, I would propose to abolish caste based reservation. The region based reservation can’t be debated for its inclusion. However only Handicaps and economically poor be considered for reservation, even if the reservation is already given to another member of family.

Having reservation and abolishing reservation are two extremes, where either of the category is at disadvantage, hence we should urge the policy maker to devise the reservation policy in a way that it assists both the category and the reservation as tool cannot be used for vote bank politics.