Rahul Gandhi ~ A wonder Aged toddler

This post was written few months back, relevant even now and hence, edited a bit to its more current relevance

The protagonist of the blog has been a real miracle, As without iota of content, he has successfully managed almost all Indians and few international intellectuals to discuss about him at some point of time. Yes, He is Master. Rahul Gandhi. I came across, few debates and suggestions by the opinion makers, where the writer proposes a theory that to win UP election and subsequently EARN the post of Prime Minister, Rahul Gandhi and Congress party should declare the aged-youth as UP Chief Ministerial candidate. The premise is, the awe and curiosity factor surrounded to Rahul may win the UP election (very much necessary for any party / coalition who is aiming to come to power at centre) and by that get exposed to working of Indian parliamentary system, get acquainted with active political working and subsequently after effective experience, the aged toddler can grab chair of Prime minister.

I shall not discuss much in detail about his education and other over analyzed stuff, especially because Rahul Gandhi possesses nothing that can be deliberated in detail, neither his wisdom nor his education, neither his work nor his quote. I shall stick to recent occurrence, which will suffice to state Rahul is unworthy political entity.

To start with, the above mentioned theory has too many assumption and one of the biggest flaw is to assume Rahul is capable PM or even political material. Second big flawed assumption is to draw comparison between UP politics and other state politics (lack of local leadership in political party), while lack of local leadership in Congress camp of UP is surely a problem, the major factor affecting UP election is concentrated caste based politics played (Sad but true). The fourth assumption which is base premise of this theory of risking Rahul at CM job can be squashed simply by analyzing the reluctance of Congress and Gandhi family to expose Rahul to any parliamentary responsibility and it has been seen of he had being evasive from any cabinet post either in UPA-1 or UPA-2. The interaction and non-existent participation of Rahul in parliament is in itself authenticates him being not sincere to govern the country; rather mother-son duo needs the PM’ship as served on platter.

Also to prove the mettle Rahul need not wait to be CM, he is already a Member of Parliament and has Amethi as his karma kshetra, but he being absolved from responsibility of improving Amethi speaks volumes in itself. Hence, argument that Rahul will prove his political or leadership capability is baseless, for he has failed disastrously to even spend money meant for Amethi.

Along with, the gems he spread by talking nonsense just adds to his list of exposing his dumber side. Cong and Sonia will never risk Rahul for CM job for any state, prima facie because Rahul factor works as hope factor cong ground level cadre and a tool to entice voters. The capability is tad different from pretending to be capable. All the antics of Rahul have been seen through and have never received overwhelming success despite media being more desperate then congress to label Rahul as Under Taker of Indian Politics. The risk of Rahul failing despite projected as Chief Minister is so huge that Cong will never muster courage to act in that fashion. In fact BJP or BSP has not done anything, Rahul’s antics itself exposes him, examples being claim of 70 people killed and burned alive in UP; and during his pada yatra his stud silence against inflation and sticking to script of abusing Maya. Rahul’s Game changing idea on Lokpal, his anger ON or FOR people of UP and their sorry state. All this has been a token of symbolism with no clear intent seen in detail.

Rahul needs to have capability in first place and then seek platform to expose it, on the contrary many platforms are been offered but either has rejected to prove his mettle (by rejecting cabinet post and also by not participating in parliament and lastly not an iota of improvement in his constituency of Amethi, where he is MP) OR he has failed miserably in states like Bihar, Tamil Nadu (Where he was star campaigner and even co-ordinator for CONG).

AND TO TOP IT ALL I DONT EVEN WANT TO MENTION HIS SPEECH POST BOMB-BLAST IN MUMBAI. ITS REAL SAD TO SEE SUCH DUMBWIT IS BEEN SEEN AS PRIME MINISTER IN WAITING.while it may be argued 99% and 1% is fairly acceptable argument, but there is no evidence of 99% averted attacks and also this statement seldom assures Victims or citizen, just an unsuccessful attempt to defend callousness and inefficiency of Home ministry and UPA  government as a wholeHE IS NOT FIT TO BE PEON AT PRIME MINISTER OFFICE, LEAVE ALONE SEEING HIS AS POTENTIAL PRIME MINISTER.

Rahul can at the best be used by CONG as antique object, or funny banner in front of CONG, to attract people. But the moment Congress plans to sell Rahul as a product, the entire shop of Cong will be sold cuz Cong cant risk to expose failure of word Gandhi, which is basis of its existence and relevance in India. Rahul is Just dikhane data of haathi named Congress can’t be used in chewing. Which even congress knows, Finally, It is also known fact that only party that can make Rahul a Prime Minister is not Congress, but BJP (if at all BJP, itself destructs itself and give congress a win on platter, which is highly unlikely, but only possibility of Rahul to be a PM)

Open Letter to Afternoon News Paper

Dear Editor / Journalist / Reporter of Afternoon,


I am writing this mail, as you are the only link to Afternoon newspaper which is available to me. The mail is in reference to the report on Death of Mr. Rebunen who succumbed to injuries caused during the tragic incident of he and his friend were being stabbed by the goons on account of spat due to eve teasing. The incident is itself too gruesome to be discussed again, here

The report read more like giving clean chit to Mr. Ashok Jadhav of Congress and his attempts and efforts to help the grieved family.  here is the detailed report.http://www.afternoondc.in/epaper/EpaperPost.aspx?id=38737 . The Afternoon newspaper was given as complimentary to the people near the church of deceased residence

However the family of kennan and friends of both Keenan and Rebunen have come out National Television and have refuted the claim of the report and of any help, In the report Mr. Kunal also mentions that family has clarified that Jadhav did help family, so did Kunal counter checked with the family on claims of Jadhav or Was Kunal motivated for typing favorable report on Jadhav in news of death of Rebunen

Has the journalism lost its last bit of ethics and morality that we journalist selling the news of death of brave hearts to some petty politician. This kind of attempt is worst then the paid news

While I am fully convinced of not receiving apology from Kunal or editorial desk of Afternoon, I am just hopeful the concerned people read it and also other journalist / editors read it and not attempt in future and there by insulting sensibilities of its readers.



Jaymin Panchal




At mid night I received a call from Afternoon Newspaper representative mentioning – Just a clarification, it was off the cut discussion and not official version of the Newspaper – Would not like misguide:

  1. 1.  Newspaper has photographs of Jadhav along with the family members at Funeral,  Also, Jadhav was seen consoling Rebunen’s friend
  2. The family didn’t wait for 24 hours to go media – shows family not sad about death but are media desperate
  3. Father did give this statement only that reporter didn’t carry the recorder as it was funeral
  4. Family didn’t complain to Afternoon newspaper after news was printed, but directly went to national media – shows seeking cheap publicity against news paper


My Reply

  1. At funeral the sympathizers / consolers are not shooed away hence photographs of Jadhav with the family doesnt prove anything
  2. The Death of Keenan has happened 10 days ago and its Rebunen who succumbed yesterday. Also the family was not out to canvassing or advertising at the cost of their son’s death, But came on TV for seeking justice and informing public at large over the insensitive way of working of people of Mumbai
  3. While I may give discount that reporter might not have used recorder at funeral, But if I have to choose version between Kunal and Father I shall believe Father’s version, as reporter can be motivated, not the father whose young son is murdered – Rest it is for the reporter to prove his version
  4. Non existence of complain to Afternoon doesn’t mean the error / crime never happened. There would be no one to complain about defective parachutes, after it being used – that doesn’t mean all parachutes are with zero error

If the newspaper feels they are been victimised by the family who itself is victim of their son’s murder – then they should file a case against them, and stand by what they have said.