Open Letter to Delhi Police over Mysterious arrest of Tajinder Singh


Commissioner of Delhi




Subject: Mysterious arrest of Tajinderpal Singh Bagga


Neeraj Kumar,

It has come to my notice through news articles in various publications and even on social media about mysterious detention and subsequent house arrest of Mr. Tajinderpal Singh Bagga since 19th December’ 2012.


  1. Tajinderpal Singh Bagga, President of Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena, submitted a memorandum to organize a protest march on 22nd December’ 2012 in backdrop of brutal rape case occurred on 16th December in Delhi, leading to untimely death of young girl
  2. The permission was denied for the protest march by the Delhi Police
  3. On 23rd December’ 2012, Delhi Police from Tilak Nagar Police station detained father of Tajinder for 6 hours; since Delhi Police couldn’t find tajinder at  his home, when Police reached to arrest him
  4. On 25th December’ 2012, Delhi Police detained Tajinder for entire day between 10.00am and 8.30pm
  5. On 26th December’ 2012, after undertaking of No protest was received from Tajinder Singh; he was released at 12.30pm
  6. The Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena announced the protest march on 29th December’ 2012
  7. On 28th December’ 2012, Tajinder was detained in the evening . Earlier in the day, Asst. Comm of Police from Chanakya Puri Police station, issued telephonic warning to call off the protest on 29th December’ 2012
  8. Tajinder Singh was detained from evening of 28th December’ 2012 until 29th December’ 2012 midnight and was released due to his bad health
  9. Since 30th December’ 2012 Tajinder is under house arrest, by Tilak Nagar Police station.

Important to know that not a single document or warrant has been produced or shown to Tajinder in regards to his father’s detention or his own detention or his house arrest.  As per law, Police has to produce the person in detention in front of court within 24 hours; however, the same was not followed in case of Tajinder.

Such mysterious arrest has exposed the cynicism of Delhi Police; we would like to know is there any pressure from home ministry for this step, if so by whom.

Mr. Tajinderpal Singh Bagga has already announced of organizing self defense classes of girls in backdrop of insecure environment in Delhi; while other activist have limited their action to outrage and lip service.

 I as citizen of India would request you to kindly provide requisite documents in regards to Tajinder’s and his father’s detention and house arrest. Also, please do release a fellow citizen from this mysterious detention.



Jaymin Panchal