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AAP Kaun Ho ???

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A young boy was tricked and thus forced into eating mouthful of green chilies; later the child to nullify effect of chilies, he hastily drank from a bottle, Labeled as lemonade, only to realize it was kerosene in it. Moral – All the available option are not the alternate or even solutions. Jaise “HAR CHAMAKTI CHEEZ SONA NAHI HOTI”. Similarly, The Indians who are desperately looking for escape route, to avoid brutal onslaught by lampooned central government, they latched on to India against Corruption, only to get further disillusioned and got further in confusion after attention seeker Kejri parted ways from the movement, to be a politician. Genuine concerns/doubts over Kejriwal’s intention and action started gaining momentum and weight, over a period of time, based on circumstantial evidence and proofs.

After parting ways with his Activism God Father, Anna Hazare, the #ShooteronScooter (Nickname of Kejriwal, by @Surnell from Twitter) tried various antics to withhold the attention of *any news* Hungry media, and also to keep his disillusioned folks in good humor. One such Nautanki was to recycle old info and label it as AAP exclusive expose against politician and demand, resignation / action. The key to any and all the allegation was, none of the allegation were ever followed up to its logical conclusion or even stared by filing FIR. the modus operandi, was to spew the allegation, gather the attention, and then scoot from the scene; the nautanki gained some momentum and was working well for Kejri- The Great, until few genuine concerns / allegation were levied on his own key team members, based on whom, AAP had claimed many expose.

However, not to be left behind, Kejriwal – The nautanki baaz, started his Gangam dance, to utilise this opportunity for further media mileage, and pretend self to be holier than thou, and thus started facade named – Internal Lokpal

  • On 19th October’ 2012, The Stunt King, Kejriwal – The GREAT (for his blind bhaktjans), just after parting ways with his God Father of activism, Anna Hazare; in attempt to garner further eye balls enacted another nautanki of ORDERING an Internal lokpal on his paplu joker trio, who are been alleged / accused of various wrongdoings and corruption. In the video, Nautanki brigadier clearly mentions that his association/organization/party would submit the complaint against Anjali Damania, Mayank Gandhi and Prashant Bhushan; also added that Kejri group will submit all the available proof with them. Also, Kejriwal himself decided timing of maximum 3 months for investigation, after consultation with the three judges. Important to note in the video is, Kejriwal ORDERED the inquiry, without conditions Kejriwal Announcing Internal Lokpal
  •  To ape the BOSS, we had Mayank Gandhi and also Anjali Damania, welcoming the probe on them, which was already ORDERED by their Ring Master. Damania n Gandhi welcomes Internal Lokpal

I am not getting into details on the allegations and credibility of the current joker bunch who would apply “Fair and Lovely” to think they are fairer and Holier than thou; But the larger issue is, commitment of this self-claimed righteous people. For those interested to know about the allegations, I have attached the link below the blog for reference

  • On 20th January’ 2013, a day after 3 months (time frame decided for internal lokpal investigation); Kejriwal had much hyped but
    mediocre flopped Google Hangout, where for first time, he presented newer version of internal lokpal. Kejriwal mentioned exclusion and inclusion of certain members and some decision taken by members and new lokpal instituted, thereby, central team will be investigated by National Internal Lokpal, and state members shall be investigated by state internal lokpal (yet to be constituted). Kejriwal Google Hangout (listen from 1.02 hours)

There comes change in stance over investigation on AAP members, by using technicalities, another important point, these changes were kept hidden from media, and were not told in same fanfare, the way announcement of internal lokpal was made, clear sign to misguide people who believed on Kejri’s word over internal lokpal.

  • On 9th March’ 2013, After nearly 80 days of Google Hangout; 5 months from ORDERING internal Lokpal and no sign of investigation report from internal lokpal against Gandhi / Bhushan and Damania (through state lokpal as per Kejriwals submission in Google Hangout); Kejriwal on Headlines today in one of the show mentioned, Anjali Damania, is not the executive member of the party and hence no inquiry against her is instituted, while it is important to note, on 19th October’ 2012, no such condition was discussed and further more on Google Hangout, it was mentioned by Kejriwal, if she joins state membership, she will be investigated. Kejriwal on RTH show of headlines Today (listen from 13 minute)
  • However, on 14th March’ 2013, the AAP member Mayank Gandhi on public platform, Facebook, candidly introduced Anjali Damania as Maharashtra Convernor, who was party to key decision of closing down of 1 AAP office in Mumbai. The same was also accepted by Anjali Damania, in the same post of Mayank Gandhi is Facebook. (viewers are requested to click on photo, to enlarge for better reading)



Also Anjali Damania corroborated

So Now, Few questions arise

  1. Did Kejriwal lie on Headlines today, that Anjali  Damania is not the member of AAP; but actually she is Maharashtra state  convenor of AAP?
  2. OR, Is Mayank Gandhi colluding with Anjali Damania in  Maharashtra state, without keeping Kejriwal in the loop on who is Maharashtra
    convenor and taking arbitrary decisions?
  3. If indeed, Anjali Damania is a volunteer, how can she  be Maharashtra Convenor; and how can a volunteer be party to such an important
  4. Why was Kejriwal silent all this while on the changes  in internal lokpal, which he himself had ORDERED; important thing, he himself
    took decision of internal lokpal and self-decided 3 months’ time; also made  public announcement through news channel; however when changes were made, quietly  changed the website, but no mention to TV news, on whom his activism is based on?

I tried to get an reply from AAP also, I emailed them  my queries but it has been almost three days, but have not received even  acknowledgement of the receipt of the mail, nor any intent to reply in future.


The new information came in April, when Maharashtra Secy of AAP, Mrs. Preeti Sharma Menon categorically has stated, that Ms. Anjali Damania was not the Maharashtra Convenor until RTH episode of Arvind Kejriwal, where he labeled Damania as mere volunteer, and had also said, if she would be member, she will be investigated (refer the video of RTH program shared earlier)

So further questions arise, before that the statement of Ms. Menon seems to be hugely misleading, however with lack of alternate information as of now, we take it at face value with bucket full of salt. for convenience sake lets say Anjali Damania was included on 14th March, the day when Mayank Gandhi declared Anjali Damania as Maharashtra state Convenor

1. AAP raised hue n cry over inclusion of Khushwaha in BJP  (subsequently suspended, pending inquiry) during UP election under the premise that inclusion of dubious person in BJP is akin to support to corruption, even when there was no judgement, mere allegation, n investigation// also disregarding the fact, BJP suspended Khushwaha on corruption charges and gave no decision making portfolio to Khushwaha; yet for AAP, the decision of BJP was corrup

But AAP conveniently included Anjali Damania, and not only that, she was given important position as State Convenor, which has power of decisions over state matter of the political party AAP, so why this hypocrisy, where despite suspension of Khushwaha, BJP is corrupt on allegation // But AAP inducts alleged corrupt Anjali Damania and also gives her decision power and important post of state convenor.

Also, Mayank Gandhi is National Executive member, despite alleged charges and pending inquiry (ordered by his own BOSS); while BJP not only suspended Khushwaha from membership, moment he joined BJP, till the time he cleared his name from corruption; importantly BJP didnt give any plum post or election ticket // and here the messiah of anti corruption (as AAP claim and pretend), despite they own orders inquiry on alleged corruption charges, Mayank Gandhi is sitting on plum post // so whom sould we taken lessons of anti corruption … thats we need to decide

2. Arvind Kejriwal had ORDERED inquiry on Damania, later on he said only members of AAP will be investigated; so has the investigation on Anjali Damania been initiated, since the inclusion of Anjali Damania as Maharashtra State Convenor? if Not Why and do they have intention do start investigation; important to note, this is not what we are demanding, but we are just following up on Decision taken by Arvind kejriwal

3. When questions are been asked, spokeperson insinuates and labels the question as with party agenda instead of replying. As how does the answer changes of AAP to particular question, if the question is from INDIAN or INDIAN who is from other political party? I fail to understand this attitude



With the above facts, the question arises on intent of  Kejriwals antics, and also his honesty, integrity, transparency and credibility.  I would again urge AAP and Kejriwal in particular to clear the confusion over  changing stance of AAP on Anjali Damania, is it because that AAP, erstwhile  faction of IAC lapped up on Damania’s unsubstantiated claims against a  particular political figure just to retain eyeballs of public on them, Question stays, until Kejriwal answers this fellow  INDIAN.


I hope AAP people without innuendos, attempts to answer the questions asked in this blog

The Blog is joint work of author (Jemin Panchal) and Suresh Nakhua

on twitter – @jemin_p and @sureshnakhua


– Allegation against Anjali Damania



Allegations against Mayank Gandhi




Allegation against Prashant Bhushan.


As author, we dont know whether claims in the allegation are true or not, that only investigation will prove // we only say, since there is smoke, it is on to AAP (holier than thou) to clear the air, it is immaterial whether we believe trio is corrupt or not, and we have in-principle stated, the above as allegation ONLY, without passing any kind of judgement. And expect since AAP claims to be most honest and transparent who have instituted internal lokpal, should do investigation, while statutory investigation should also be undertaken by the government agencies

94 thoughts on “AAP Kaun Ho ???”

  1. This person does not understand the fact, internal loakpal is for the internal functioning of the party and not the part of the govt. This process does not bar anyone to file a complaint to the govt and take action.

    Even if internal lokpal would have come up with its findings in the stipulated time, this blogger would have written what is the relevance of internal lokpal giving clearance to its own people.

    These guys are leveling allegations on a party which is just forayed, for implementation delays . A party which is trying to follow best practices.

    A question to the blogger: AAP is doing live update of its donar on its website. Is your party or any other party for that sake can do it even after 10 years ?

    Remember you are doing greatest disservice to the nation which you will realize one day.

    You should have applied your mind atleast doing something consturctive.

  2. There may be some smoke in AAP but there is so much of fire in parties like BJP/CONgi/BSP etc. So my vote goes to AAP. and for got sake, dont try to defend BJP on corruption charges unless u r paid by the party to do that. Their corruption is indefensible. If i start listing down, there wont be enough space here.

    1. ridiculous submission. politics and government is much beyond …. its policies also. no one pays me to write (if u know, guide me … he he :p) // who stops u to listing down || btw i dont seek justification, i seek answers, did AAP lied or not in this case, i m taking liberty to draw inference from ur answer, yes it did. only addition u had was, yeh choto jhol hai

    2. Modi is AAP KA BAAP .I dont want to go into any argument with AAP’ES.Just fight one election and win seats at least at state level then talk…AAPes are nothing more than a time pass.B.J.P is not SICKULAR and does not depend on ford foundation(ILLUMINATI) funded organization.And in the very near future Sickularists like AAP and KANGRESS will face a 2 front war one from the very islamists they protect the other from nationalists.AAPES look at even around the world from england to greece to india nationalists forces are doing extremely well.The left is systematically being wiped out everywhere due to lack of public support and hammerring from right…

    3. Lol ….. u better watch Mills n boon novels … i m not even member of BJP …. n whether i m BJP or not, point is the blog has to b rebutted, i have show cased fact, which doesnt change by party affiliation, prove it is wrong, else stop alleging

  3. You have done a good job in raising questions, now dig your own answers buddy. Though i might try to throw some light on your views, but AAP would and should stay away from time wasting political tools.

    Your blog is based on one simple thing – PROVE YOUR INNOCENCE OR ELSE WE TREAT YOU LIKE A CULPRIT.

    Now answer these questions –

    I would consider you dishonest, can YOU PROVE THAT YOU AREN’T.

    One might call you a BJP supporter, CAN YOU DENY THAT WITH PROOF.

    You guys are just trying to dissuade honest people from forming a political alternative. You must be having some hidden agenda, PROVE THAT YOU DON’T HAVE ANY AGENDA.

    From what i can gather, you guys were part of IAC and because of AK forming AAP, you guys could not get the chance of coming in forefront that you were so desperately dreaming off – PROVE THAT YOU DIDN’T HAVE THE POLITICAL AMBITION.

    Buddy, in case you do wish to point fingers, please point at those who have driven Indians to a stage where in your own words “they are desperately looking for escape route, to avoid brutal onslaught by lampooned central government”.

    You’re like a kid who is latching on to just one thing – Abhi tak Internal Lokpal ka result kyon nahin aya?

    Unless you are getting paid for this, (this comment may hurt you if you are not paid, because this is an allegation) i would just like to explain your question with a counter question, PLEASE PROVE THAT YOU HAVE NOT BEEN PAID FOR THIS.

    Your first line reflects your agenda, trick the AAP supporters by – “By labeling honest as dishonest”.

    Its an article designed to avoid the fence sitters from joining AAP.


    I hope YOU WILL, without innuendos, attempt to answer the questions asked in this REPLY.

    1. 1st let hims reply this || next his lies there will also b busted, with facts and not lies which AAP and Mayank is so used to

  4. I completely agree with this article. I have been asking AAP volunteers about this same issue on Twitter. No reply at all. Thanks for writing this post.

    Another point:

    Kejriwal mentioned (long time ago) that AAP will have internal democracy. It sounded good.

    Few days ago (Mid April, 2013), Manish Shishodia announced that Kejriwal will contest elections. My questions are:

    1. How did they decide that Kejriwal will contest elections? Where was the internal polling done to put his name on the ticket?

    2. They formed a team of 8 AAP leaders who will screen candidates for ticket. Is this called internal party democracy? Congress has the same mechanism. BJP has the same mechanism.

    Kelriwal is one of the biggest liars and flip-floppers of our time. I had very high hopes from him. I followed him closely. Was very motivated by him. But then I realized this:

    1. Kejriwal is nothing more than what Lalu was 30 years ago. Lalu did the same thing to Bihar. Kejriwal will do the same thing to Delhi.

    2. Kejriwal is a habitual liar. He says what people wants to hear. But when its time to take actions, he does not do that.

    ALERT: Delhi people: Beware of this liar called Kejriwal. He is going to promise everything, and deliver nothing. He is one of the most self-centered persons ever.

    Note: I am not a supporter of BJP or Congress or any other party. Infact, I was the supporter of Kejriwal till 3 months ago. I am very disappointed in him because of his constant lies.

  5. The problem with AAP fans is they don’t know that they have become far leftists which will result in becoming communists.
    Waisey MayankG’s 15day time period elapsed.Has the Internal Lokpal report out on him.Naah the way AAP’s activities going on I don’t think so.

    Suresh bhai and Jemin bhai great post.

  6. I read initial first comments…thought Author is like a person not given due importance in IAC.. so just trying out ways to find how to find out even the smallest thing against a movement…which showed Indians-the way how Common Man is most important and politics should be done focussing day to day issues….not through the issues which are unimportant like casteism or India-Pak war or Mandir-Masjid…

    I keep on reading it looks like a group of people wanted to defame them..i.e. AAP…reason being simple…..as AAP progress BJP becomes the biggest loser…….BJP which slept for last 9 years..thinking congress govt will automatically fall….and people will not have any choice except BJP……Not even tried to raise the issues of corruption…in real terms…Blocked parliament for full session on FDI…which everybody knows doesn’t impact much as India already has Mega Shopping Malls…which has already destroyed the small traders business.

    So…it is people who will decide their own Future now….they know what they want and this will be very clear in the coming elections of Delhi………I have seen people going on their own asking for Voter ID card first time…which never voter earlier in their life……The time will tell as India understands, the youth understands…what is Right for them….and they will make wise decision during election.

    1. With due respect, point remains, whether the question raised are valid or not, and is not AAP answerable or not
      rest sermons doesnot hold ground

  7. Dear Mr. Blogger,

    Few things I want to mention as my last post.

    1) You are wrong when you say this blog is not about BJP. Look who your audiences. Questioning political inclination / motive or drawing parallels in any political write-up must be accepted. But, you chose to do otherwise. Let any neutral person read your blog and see what he has to say about this.

    2) Your questions had been answered before. In one line “your conclusions do not make any sense and many points are mere assumptions”. But, it seems, you see only you want to see. It is up to you how you want to take this criticism. Just a word of caution – no one other than hardcore followers reads what Sanjay Jha is saying in hamaracongress. He lost credibility. Why?

    3) In addition, BJP+MODI followers are setting a dangerous precedent here. They are becoming so hard-headed and abusive that very soon anything said on social media will make no sense at all. Polarizing and hijacking these platforms are not good in long run. We will be commenting / abusing each other in e-parliament (social media). Trolling and abusing are easiest thing to do in social media. e.g. #Feku war on Twitter. What did you guys achieve in that?

    I have read many good political write-ups questioning AAP, but I do not think this writing had anything in it. However, you are free to congratulate yourself. AAP is still in process of becoming an established party, it will take some time.

    1. 1. Response is not controlled by the blog
      2. The questions are not assumption, but are attached with proof and links, only if one wants to read with open mind.
      3. My article is not to please anyone, and thus make them my reader,
      4. If you would know, it was u who started the abuse on twitter, and later deleted it, so kindly avoid giving sermons
      5. Commitment and integrity, is not like experience which one attains after sometime, its either there or not

  8. Well well well jemin ji, i went through ur post…read all 68 comments…Appreciate such a good response on ur write ups…

    Well to me…i dont understand politics as much as u do or some of the other mates do….

    But To me things r pretty simple…i do not favor BJP or Congress or any other blah blah blah party…

    U have seen congress work..U have seen BJP work too…or any other party…u will agree with me “chor to sab hi hain”.

    Now the situation is “we ourselves decide, hamein kis chor ko vote dena hai taaki wo power me aaye”..

    I know i am writing something that is irrelevant to what the conversation is going on…

    But dekho yaar…power me to chor hi aane wala hai.chahe wo kisi party ka bhi ho…to kya fark parta hai…rahul ho ya modi…ya fir kejri…

    About Mr Modi i feel …khayega…magar kaaam jarur karwega…he is a good prospect

    Rahul has learnt alot….nahi seekha hoga to training le raha hoga apni mummy se – ki is desh ka band aur acche se kaisa bajana hai…

    About kejri, the person has sacrificed alot…no one can question his personal crediblity…..but then again with him future is not secure…and kejri ko time lagega modi k level tak pahonchne k liye…

    One thing to be noted…what i understand is..ministers do not themselves make policies…they do have a set of advisory executives who actually make these policies.ministers to bas lok sabha me copy paste karte hain…kaam kisi ka naam ministers ka..

    So my point over here is..we gave a chance to BJP or CONG..let us give a chance to kejri this time…policies and vision to vaise bhi ministers ni decide karte..it is all done by IAS officers sitting in offices who advise ministers about policies to be implemented….

    Onething i can say…Kejri i believe is only person among all netas who had been an IAS personnel…Yaar desh ko 1 IAS bande k hath me to daal k dekh lo…illitrate aur chor bando nd to bhatta hi biha diya desh ka….

  9. AAP, jiska chor hai BAAP! Jo saari duniya ko choe bole, wahi sabse bada chor hota hai! Yeh public sab jaanti hai aur Khujliwal to ehsaan faramosh hai. Sabko exploit karke sharif banta hai. Backstabber of Annaji, Baba Ramdev and Kiran Bedi who put their faith in a guy who is proving he is no better than a Congi hamami!

  10. One thing which kejariwal & Anna has been succeful in doing irrespective of any allegation u put against him is evitable from this thread itself. People are atleast showing interst in politics and integrity of the politicians is being questioned. I hope apart from all the ideological differences, we will keep this bottomline in mind i.e. to vote for the right people and not to a party.

  11. I see the article and the comments whole group seems to be bjp motivated . BJP ‘s frustration is well understood as they thought with the current congress situation it will be a piece of cake to win and then they will get chance to loot , so anyone else having chance will be pain 4 bjp guys , good luck to be mature. If BJP is the good 4 nation please ask ur party to include janlokpal and right to recall in ur in manifesto start with transparency in gujraat , take action against corrupt mp/mla instead of allowing more to be added in ur party and i can assure you the win will be 4 bjp till then u will just have such baseless alligations and train will pass on.

    1. This is the problem short sightnedness infact blinded idiocy, the blog has nothing to do with BJP or even CONG // simple questions r asked on AAP, which claims to be better then others, so answer that rather then deflecting. Can you or any one counter facts presented in the blog? or wat explanation does one have, which is convincing and not similar to CONG justification which is detested, remain to topic. Also, if u start abusing BJP, u dont exonerate AAP, nor the question raised in the blog gets an answer, so kindly avoid the rhetoric

  12. When I first saw this AAP, i remembered Chiranjibi of AP. Same modus-operandi.

    Created a new party when Congress was in losing position, criticized Congress as well as Opposition parties, fielded their candidates where Congress was at a ruined state, divided the votes for opposition and gave Congress win seats, then merged in Congress.

    The same is what happen with AAP.

  13. thanks for a knowledgefull article and thanks for estabilishing the fact that there is no corruption in india, there is no office sorrounded by agents, there is no departmental corruption in transfer and pramotion, why one should not love you to declaring the whole state as ” no corruption state “

    1. Bad attempt to troll // u not making any possible point. either prove the facts in the blog to be wrong else it is not necessary to rant here

      1. Like I’ve said in one of my comments here, 90% AAP supporters are brainwashed 20 year old school/college kids, who have zero political, social or economic understanding, which comes out in their typical non-factual, illogical and argument-less rants. It is a tragedy AK was allowed to play his devious game to launch his political party so easily. Now everybody (BRD, AH, KB, even media, etc) is regretting they allowed themselves to be tricked and exploited to jumpstart the commie Kejriwal’s political career.

  14. I promised to read your blog post and reply. You made two points (#shooteronthescooter and Internal Lokpal) and nailed it! All, I can say is …… you may be right — Arvind Kejriwal is a traitor and must be hanged in public. This must be a lesson for future IIT/IAS. They can best serve the nation by being part of wonderful democratic system built by Cong and BJP in last 65 years.

    Kejriwal is exposed! How well this man scripted his hunger for power and money! He left job of IT commissioner, which could have easily made him crorepati, because he wanted more. Look at this e.g., exactly same place in Delhi he started plotting his dangerous plan 10-11 years ago. Watch #shooteronthescooter is fighting for the cause since 2002…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=IHc-YlXZJSY
    But not anymore, his antics have been exposed by Modis PC activists. Did you notice, he is often seen wearing same green sweater these days…. fake personality! His fast is laughable …. he must learn from Modi’s ‘Sadbhavana Vrat’ …. stylish and effective.

    We must not raise unsubstantiated allegations against face of RSS, Nitin Gadkari of Bhartaiya Janata Purti, who has served the country with highest order of honesty, integrity and transparency. We must also appreciate BJP’s (non-existent) internal lokpal, always quick and accurate in giving clean chit to its honest and hard(ly) working politicians like Gadkari. We need more Radadiyas in BJP to strenghthen development politics in India. In addition, Modi has recently proved what anti-corruption (lokayukta) bill should be. Wait and we will have ideal Jan-lokpal we waited for 65 years.

    wrt … 2002 riots, Vajpayee was half asleep when he questioned Modi’s role. However, Congress’ role in 1984 is undoubtedly opposite. Forget about “double standard” aka hypocricy aka doglapal … what BJP / RSS and their supporters are saying are gospel truth. Owaisi is a separatist and Togadiya is a nationalist. Hindutva is the way forward … don’t think ‘hatred can only breed hatred’ …. Muslims are miscreants or terrorists. Abuse those who dare to say BJP+Cong “chor chor mausere bhai”. After all, Janlokpal bill in parliament was not fixed match, Modi has shown how Janlokpal gonna look like, no BJP politician was involved in 2G scam, coalgate, irrigation scam ….., all other scams with BJP tag are Cong. political agenda, BJP has never been a pillion rider when this #shooteronthescooter was targeting Cong., and in this democracy we are free to choose CAG report’s authenticity or credibility as per our needs. Vadra or Ranjan Bhatt. all are respected “damads” (we must respect our culture). It is unfortunate that Govindacharya, one of the founders of BJP, is sufering from mental disorder.

    I can go on and on … but, I must pause and think over my views on Kejriwal. I propose Modi supporters to start a TV channel “NAMO Namah”. I might enlighten myself listening to all “Pravachans’.

    Must listen to @KiranKS, @MediaCrooks ….. must not apply my uneducated brain and think that they are very selective in their tweets (otherwise brilliant). There are certain rules in twitterati set by these morons (I mean PC activists) and I must abide by those. There is another @ratigirl who is suffering from twitter diarrhea …. a must follow force in twitter world.

    And lastly, I request you and those who support your views to go to this link http://time100.time.com/2013/03/28/time-100-poll/slide/arvind-kejriwal/
    and click ‘no way’ ….. even Time has gone to such a low level, ignoring so many RSS / BJP nationalist, it picked a traitor Kejriwal! Amazing …. ! and he is the only Indian out of 150 nominations …. it proves Time’s level of integrity. Let us prove them a lesson.

    P.S. – I wrote this post in hurry. Please ignore my typos, mistakes etc…. and help me correct myself. I am so ashamed I was being brainwashed / fooled following this traitor.

    1. u have spoken a lot without making sense et al // whether Kejriwal has made money or not, I will not comment;; but will submit was IRS, he and his wife were stationed in Delhi beyond 9 years, which is unusual, however, I m not insinuating or assuming.
      2Again u hv spoken half truth, maybe cuz u r half aware of selective info is convenient to u,
      3. If u have no specific answer to this blog, all what u say is is insignificant and deviationary
      4. just cuz Kejriwal is trying something, doesnt give him legitimacy of support, he has been exposed he has lied, beyond doubt, also u need to understand, Kejri says all r chor except him, so y is his actionbelow par or similar to those whom he calls chor; his action has to b above doubt
      5. Answer my blog,

      1. I took this approach because your concluding remarks are nothing but self fulfilling prophecy. Here is why …..
        based on your findings, first you concluded that “With the above facts, the question arises on intent of Kejriwals antics, and also his honesty, integrity, transparency and credibility. I would again urge AAP and Kejriwal in particular to clear the confusion over changing stance of AAP on Anjali Damania” and then “AAP, erstwhile faction of IAC lapped up on Damania’s unsubstantiated claims against a particular political figure just to retain eyeballs of public on them”

        1) AAP (AK) is still in initial stage of building itself as a political party. There is indeed a delay in internal lokpal as claimed by AK. Delays / failures / unexpected results are not uncommon if you try to do something big in quick time with limited resources. It doesn’t mean necessarily intentions are bad or the person is dishonest. However, it can be interpreted either way. I see it as a failure in doing something with good intention….. not more than that. Therefore, I do not agree with your far-fetched conclusion about Kejriwal.

        2)Even if I take your findings at face value, Anjali being corrupt and Kejriwal being dishonest, it doesn’t prove claims are unsubstantiated. It poses a serious doubt over your intellect level. “Do not shoot the messenger”. Therefore, my focus on ‘message’ (Gadkari) and BJP(Modi) is very much relevant to your blog. You would not have written this blog if Anjali had said only about Cong. politicians. This is an agenda based blog, inviting AAP supporters … so drawing parallels with BJP+MODI is very much relevant.

        BTW …. setting rules in own blog is a bad idea.

        You must put a disclaimer that “writer is a hardcore fan of BJP+MODI, therefore, views can be biased if it is relevant to writer’s political inclination” (Does Sanjay Jha make any sense to you while defending Cong?)

        I do not see AAP as immediate threat to BJP+MODI … so you guys must take it easy. We are following an ideology and do not expect anything substantial (politically) before 10-15 years. Such views on Kejriwal will only make you BJP version of Sanja Jha.

        1. 1. U assume as much and write so much, but think little or say nothing

          2.If I were to b blocking the alternate ideas, ur trolling wouldnt have been approved, but its given as much dignity as others

          3. The blog is not shooting messanger, but giving same medicine to the AAP people, which they have indulged in gleefully; what u r doing is shooting the messanger;

          4. u not under any compulsion to agree with me // ur disagreement is as welcomed

          5. my blog has not alleged anything, just asked questions, is anjali investigated, if no, y not. matter ends there… rest u can continue, or better write separate blog on ur thinking

          1. This person does not understand the fact, internal loakpal is for the internal functioning of the party and not the part of the govt. This process does not bar anyone to file a complaint to the govt and take action.

            Even if internal lokpal would have come up with its findings in the stipulated time, this blogger would have written what is the relevance of internal lokpal giving clearance to its own people.

            These guys are leveling allegations on a party which is just forayed for procedural delays . A party which is trying to follow best practices.

            A question to the blogger: AAP is doing live update of its donar on its website. Is your party or any other party for that sake can do it even after 10 years ?

            Remember you are doing greatest disservice to the nation which you will realize one day.

            You should have applied your mind atleast doing something consturctive.

        2. How is BJP’s offense AAP’s defense? If AAP doesn’t perform, you blame those who point it out as ‘hardcore’ BJP supporters? Is that the best argument you have?

          A person who failed to implement measly internal lokpal in a party of maybe 10,000 volunteers is planning a Jan Lokpal bill for 1 billion people and will make it a resounding success?

          Fat chance.

    2. Please read the below comment from Satyam Sharma…many of ur doubts will be clear. None the less you have full rights to follow AAP and AK thats what democracy is but remember India first…jai hind

  15. Yes there have been delays, and delays have been duly acknowledged. New setup of Internal Lokpal has been setup, and is soon to come up with report on Mayank Gandhi. Criticism in the delay is accepted, and will be constructive in improving the functioning as time passes

    As far as Damania is concerned, she is not a member of the “National” executive (you conviniently ommitted that). Now you would allege this is just a technicality, to address that the Lokpal that caters to the national executive members, has been requested to take up Damania’s case as an exception.

    If you have any papers/proofs regarding Damania/Mayank gandhi or Prashant bhushan or arvind kejriwal please fwd it to AAP Lokpal.

    1. 1. Damania is state convenor, is mentioned as much in the blog more than once. 2. google hangout in January mentioned state internal lokpal will be set up 3. I even took on face value that Anjali Damania was volunteer until 14th March, as said by AAP spoke person 4. the fanfare used to announce internal lokpal, to make statement of holier than thou, was not used to explain this technicalities 5. after damania being state convenor, why is she not investigated 6. u need to check announcement of kejriwal on 19th october’ 2012, he didnt say Mayank will b investigated only after people provides proof, he clearly mentioned he has documents which he will submit to lokpal 7. Internal lokpal was offered by kejriwal and not demanded by us, so demanding proof makes no sense 8, if and when i have i will submit 9. AAP should have courtesy to reply mails of queries 10. re-read the blog, few of ur stuff will b answered

      1. I jumped a red light few years back … have I lost the right to voice against the corruption? Shoot the messenger to ignore the message! wah … are you here to say Gadkari and Bhartiya Janata Purti are not culpable? Please decide among yourselves … your own favarite Rati Mam had replied this to me …

        rati parker ‏@ratigirl 24 Jan
        @TiwaryAmit Yes… total idiot thank God BJP is rid of him :))
        View conversation Reply Retweet Favorite More

        1. 1. ALL has right to voice against corruption
          2. So also me and my friends have to right to flag on wrong doing, why u guys r squirting, prove the blog is wrong, else what u say doesnt make sense with respect to blog

        2. AAP doesn’t perform, so show that Gadkari was corrupt – then everyone will forget AAP’s sins.

          Nice move. Is that how you plan to defend AAP going forward as well?

  16. Newsflash #1: Kamini Jaiswal (lawyer of Afzal Guru, mercy appeal petitioner for such convicted terrorists, famous sympathizer of Naxalite-Maoists) joins AAP as a top leader (director of “judicial reform committee” no less, LOL)!

    Typical AAP supporter response: No no, AAP is not Leftist or anti-national. Everybody in the world (except AAP and Crazywal) is corrupt! Jai ho TigerAK Arvind sir ki!

    Newsflash #2: Binayak Sen (trial court-convicted treasonous criminal, anti-national Naxalite-Maoist mastermind and sympathizer, CONVICTED for waging war against India, out on bail currently from life imprisonment jail term) joins AAP as a top leader (director of “police reform committee” and “Naxalism question committee” no less, LOL)!

    (EDIT: Binayak Sen is also member on Congress-nominated Planning Commission panel and has now joined AAP on their multiple panels. What does that say about AAP?)

    Typical AAP supporter response: No no, AAP is not Naxalite-Maoist criminals or anti-national. Everybody in the world (except AAP and Crazywal) is corrupt! Jai ho TigerAK Arvind sir ki!

    Newsflash #3: Half of AAP’s top leaders like Prashant Bhushan (see “meet the team” page on AAP official website) are famous Leftists, Naxalite-Maoist-supporters, terrorist-sympathizers, or out-and-out separatists, who have worked for the Balkanization and destruction of India under the able guidance of mentor Suzanna Roy. Many of AAP’s new leaders are radical Islamists or Congress/NAC/CPI/CPM rejects.

    Typical AAP supporter response: No no, AAP is not pseudo-secular or anti-national. Everybody in the world (except AAP and Crazywal) is corrupt! Jai ho TigerAK Arvind sir ki!

    Newsflash #4: Anjali Damania, Mayank Gandhi and Prashant Bhushan are all notorious for corruption. Aam Aadmis my foot, all three are multi-crorepatis with entrenched business interests, that they have been doing at the expense of adivasis, slumdwellers and patriots respectively. If Damania cheats native tribals of Maharashtra, Mayank is an equal land shark who doesn’t even spare cheating the poorest of the urban poor. And Bhushan takes arbitrarily-discretionarily-controversially-allocated farmhouses from Mayawati to underperform in corruption cases against her. There is so much facts and data on this to show them corrupt and rotten (the AAP internal Lokpal nonsense has turned out to be a sham), and for so long, I don’t even need to recount it!

    Typical AAP supporter response: No no, AAP is not corrupt or anti-national. Everybody in the world (except AAP and Crazywal) is corrupt! Jai ho TigerAK Arvind sir ki!

    Newsflash #5: Arvind Kejriwal parachutes into Kudankulam like the vulture opportunist Leftist that he is, campaigning with missionary church-backed foreign-funded anti-India protests to sabotage KKNPP infrastructure project on flimsy and unscientific grounds, to keep India underdeveloped, impoverished, and dependent upon foreigners and imports. Kejriwal even supports the price-fixing of commodities like fossil fuels, electricity, etc, through electoral referendums (LOL!), to hell with basic demand-supply free-market economics.

    Typical AAP supporter response: No no, AAP is not Communist-Marxist or anti-national. Everybody in the world (except AAP and Crazywal) is corrupt! Jai ho TigerAK Arvind sir ki!

    Now tell me, why would anybody among Indian patriots, EXCEPT 15 year old school or college going teenagers (aka Kejritard zombies) and illiterate unaware brainwashed persons, support anti-India AAP or commie Kejriwal?

      1. Absolutely. Anybody who closely followed Kejriwal’s rowdy-turned-violent “street protests” in Delhi last year knows it was the radical far-Leftist JNU student crowd that was his real back-office strength. Even today, most AAP back-office kids (the output they churn out daily are those fancy graphics and images you see on AAP-sympathetic FB walls and TLs) come from the same kind of student unions.

        But I must give it to the AAP folks, the “Left-by-stealth” political strategy they employed to fool their support base was effective. These tactics will be remembered as copybook on how to jumpstart a Leftist party in India for decades. They know they cannot begin by revealing their core ideology at first — nobody buys the Left anymore in India. So they piggybacked on emotive issues like corruption, etc. Start with a faux nationalism (on the back of willing victims), slowly move to the centre keeping your support base intact, and then bare your real intentions once the support base has been successfully brainwashed and shepherded to the Left. (We are somewhere between phase 2 and 3 in AAP’s case — people like us know their real ideology, but most supporters still see them as nationalists, and not for the far-Leftists they really are.)

        So they started off on the back of famous people like Baba Ramdev, Anna Hazare and Kiran Bedi in early 2011 (to get media attention and publicity), placed a Bharat Mata painting on the stage in April 2011 (to slice out a chunk of nationalists), switched to the Gandhi backdrop in August 2011 (to slice out a chunk of centrists), and finally transformed into Lenin-like Kejriwal posters everywhere (with BRD/AH/KB completely sidelined). And all through, it was Team Kejriwal’s core commie elements that were masterminding this devious campaign.

        The Leftist ideological agenda is now even more obvious from their political tactics: empty theoretical sloganeering, victimhood-pandering, emphasizing problems but not solutions, and arousing a general cynical and frustrated feeling of “let us completely dismantle and destroy the State” among the people. The question is, do the 20 year old kids supporting Kejriwal even know, comprehend or realize what the AAP’s ideology stands for? Like I said in my first comment, for them “TigerAK Arvind sir” is the anti-corruption messiah who will make India into Utopia overnight, even though he has never said anything about solutions or policies, and has NO track record in governance whatsoever.

        All in all, the AAP is just another Congress/Left proxy, specifically created to undermine the BJP’s support among urban Indians (especially youth). That makes Arvind Kejriwal the archetypal Manchurian candidate: “a candidate running for office who publicly supports one group/ideology to win election, but uses his executive or legislative powers to assist an opposing group/ideology after election”.

        PS: May be all these thoughts should be compiled into an article …

        1. Sir, Excellent compilation, and I would request someone from the Nationalist journalist should make it as an article, or we should spread this via facebook or other social media.


    1. Naxal movement (not in current violent form) effect / symptom of a big problem in our democracy (not problem itself). Being Naxalite sympathizer (in ideology) is very much nationalist. You need to educate yourself. Even in British rule, tribal and forest areas were untouched. The democracy is “for the people” (including tribals and villagers) not “for the corporates / elected / their relatives”.

      1. Nice! AAP zombies are SO brainwashed into worshiping Kejriwal, they will now even justify Naxalite-Maoist terrorism just because AAP top leaders are Naxalite-Maoist supporters. Wonderful!

        PS: The entire Maoist leadership in India was, and is, never tribal. Adivasis are the biggest VICTIMS of Naxalites, purposefully kept underdeveloped and impoverished under the Maoist reign of terror, so that they can continue to be used as cannon fodder, and lowest-level cadre of Maoist terrorist militias, to participate in the non-tribal Maoist leadership’s violent struggle to overthrow the Indian constitution and seize political power.

        So Maoists != tribals. Geddit? Tribals are the VICTIMS of the Naxalite-Maoist oppressors.

    2. Naxal movement (not in current violent form) effect / symptom of a big problem in our democracy (not problem itself). Being Naxalite sympathizer (in ideology) is very much nationalist. You need to educate yourself. Even in British rule, tribal and forest areas were untouched. The democracy is “for the people” (including tribals and villagers) not “for the corporates / elected / their relatives”

      I would rather prefer politicians having their own opinions, exercising ‘freedom of expression’ than following party whip. I still remember faces of few politicians defending shamelessly Bangaru Laxman …. well it was their duty to do so!

      Jinke ghar sheeshe …….

      1. Nice! AAP zombies are SO brainwashed into worshiping Kejriwal, they will now even justify Naxalite-Maoist terrorism just because AAP top leaders are Naxalite-Maoist supporters. Wonderful!

        PS: The entire Maoist leadership in India was, and is, never tribal. Adivasis are the biggest VICTIMS of Naxalites, purposefully kept underdeveloped and impoverished under the Maoist reign of terror, so that they can continue to be used as cannon fodder, and lowest-level cadre of Maoist terrorist militias, to participate in the non-tribal Maoist leadership’s violent struggle to overthrow the Indian constitution and seize political power. So Maoists != tribals. Geddit? Tribals are the VICTIMS of the Naxalite-Maoist oppressors.

        And you think AAP politicians will continue to have ‘independent opinions’ even after AAP becomes a political party with elected reps (God forbid)? LOL, leftists are almost always ‘Republic of One’ by themselves. Anyway, what good are independent opinions if they are anti-national opinions?

        And Bangaru Laxman? Seriously? You need to go back 12 years to find something to attack BJP with? Really?

  17. In a country like India , we have corruption starting from the grass routes level till the PM . We don’t have the system of checks and balances like they have in the states.
    Why don’t we file investigations on congress today instead of just accepting India as a bi-party system and limiting our options to just voting these two parties. And even if AAP (holier than thou) have been alleged of doing the given acts then we must list out acts by the congress as well. its just a matter of who is more corrupted in India today ! And AAP party surely doesn’t win this

        1. You mean AAP by Chota Chor, right? That is indeed the case. Most AAP politicians may be corrupt and rotten, but they come nowhere near Congress leaders. You are right. Congress == Bada Chor, AAP == Chota Chor. 🙂

    1. The point is that if some of top AAP leaders are corrupt even as private individuals, imagine what they would do as full-fledged politicians, or God forbid, elected public represetatives.

      And corruption among top leaders is possibly the smallest of the issues people should have with AAP. The real problem is the sheer quantity and quality of far-Leftists, radical communists (so extreme, that even Sonia’s centre-left NAC rejected them, LOL!), Naxalite-Maoist supporters and Kashmiri terrorism-separatism sympathizers that they have stuffed in their top ranks.

      The biggest problem is that the average AAP supporter has NO CLUE what is the real agenda that AAP stands for.

      1. good job Bro … I want to know BJP agenda from you …. first tell me from where BJP gets hundreds or crore to contest elections? Is it kept in a locker “far right of the center” … ?

        1. The agenda of this blog is AAP and if you can prove either blog is factually wrong, would accept, deviation adds zilch value

        2. Amit ji, why are you bringing BJP into this? Congress has been ruling India for 90% of the time and you are bringing BJP into a discussion of corruption? This is like making noise about a kleptomaniac while letting the murderer go scot-free. Either you are a moron or you are a congress-paid goon.

        3. You want to know where BJP’s funding comes from?

          Well I can tell you, it does NOT come from the Ford Foundation or other foreign agencies, from where AAP gets most of its funding from, LOL! The other source of funding of AAP, of course, is the crores of corrupt black money of its corrupt leaders like Bhushan family, Mayank Gandhi and Anjali Damania.

          Satisfied? 🙂

          Anyway, you are indeed the “typical AAP supporter” I mocked in my first comment. My comment was about AAP’s anti-national far-Leftist agenda (pro-terrorist, pro-separatist, pro-Naxalite-Maoist, etc), and your reply was the typical Bollywood-style response, “Everybody (except TigerAK Arvind sir, of course) is corrupt! The entire system (except AAP, of course) is rotten!”

          1. Please educate yourself on FORD funding before squawking relentlessly here and elsewhere. Your trolling is quite famous already! Stop trying to bypass the question with such diversionary tactics. Come with proofs and make some points. Let me tell you how much proof you offer – you offer none! And at the same time your confidence is stupendous!

            Who is to believe in this tripe from you? You say AAP has taken funds from FORD – where is your proof? Kejriwal took funds from FORD for his NGO. Are you so childish that you don’t understand that his NGO!=AAP, in your own programming syntax!

            BJP’s funding from DOW chemicals is FAMOUS and has become a subject of media investigation and reporting. Same for congress. Here, read some news and then troll. Okay, make it a point! – http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-05-03/india/39008444_1_political-parties-political-awareness-trust-sesa-goa-ltd

  18. Why are we getting so skeptical about the AAP party? At least they are coming up and TRYING to give solutions to the nations instead of us who just remind ourselves of the problem everyday !

    1. Would like to differ over here.

      They are not giving solutions but making people more cynical. Which point raised by them have been taken to or even attempted to be taken to a logical conclusion ?

      Thx a lot for the comment

      1. BJP 6+ years in power, which issue / Cong. scam brought to logical conclusion when it had all investing and judicial machineries under its control. Ram mandir, bofors, Vadra, Kashmir issue …. Please refresh our memory. BTW BJP has its own legal / RTI cell. What are their accomplishments …. please tell.

        1. u can do a blog, stating no accomplishment by BJP, if u feel so and u will b replied, but effort needs from ur side to do research, stop expecting u will b spoonfed

        2. Amit,
          Just remember one thing what Dr Subramanian Swamy Said many years ago There is a mole in BJP who help Congress. Also, what he said about Kejriwal that he is sponsored by SoniaG’s NAC
          I just admire Dr Swamy he is man of action not like us or AK. But I know he will not be able to hold important position even if NDA comes to power

          I was not fully convinced with the blogger but by reading Satyam Sharama’s above comment it is clear what is AAP’s ideology …..Thank God I came out with Annaji…..AK is modern day JN Nehru what he did to Gandhiji……My bro and many other friend are so convinced with AAP & AK policy…I will make them read this blog and comments..Thank you.

          1. Shelly – as for blog, it follows no ideology in this particular article, its presenting the facts and proofs available in public domain, in attempt to get clear answer from AAP

        3. It was the NDA, and not the BJP, that was in power for 6+ years.

          1. Ram mandir was never (and still is not) on the NDA’s agenda. BJP != NDA. (Is that too difficult for you to understand? LOL!)

          2. Bofors: The case was dead for 12 years when the NDA came to power. Most cases become unsolvable unless solved in the first few months. You think the people responsible for Bofors scam would have kept money trails and other evidence alive for 12 years? LOL, AAP supporters are even less intelligent than I had thought!

          3. Vadra?! You mean NDA should have prosecuted Vadra in 1998?! For what?!

          4. Kashmir: Umm, not sure what you mean there? BJP did a splendid job crushing terrorism in Kashmir. Of course, the issue itself is not likely to be resolved any time soon. At least not till Pakistan ceases to exist. And sadly, neither NDA nor UPA nor anybody else will ever be able to do anything about it.

          5. The Maharashtra irrigation scam was whistleblown by BJP leaders. It was Kirit Somaiya (legal cell) hard work that led to the RTIs and cases. Anjali Damania (Jenny-come-lately) came 3 years later and was given all credit by the dumb and anti-BJP media. AAP did ZERO against MH irrigation scam, almost entire work is that of BJP Maharashtra.

          6. The 1998-2004 BJP-led NDA govt was easily the best govt independent India has ever had. On ALL parameters, it was truly India’s golden era, from economic ones to national security. There are a zillion articles that go deep into this, you are encouraged to google for yourself.

        1. Mr. Amit, its well to understand, this is blog, different from Twitter or Facebook, hence would advice to restrain to make a point, valid, else for ranting Twitter is always available

      1. Nahin re Amit, steel glass wala fast aka fraud ..us steel glass mein daaru hoti thi kya? Diabetic patient on 15 days ka fast, medical world is stunned.

        BTW any reason why Sisodia and Vishwas met Anna secretly begging him to come and help break the fast aka fraud?

  19. Brilliant. Demystifying Kejriwal > No one could have done it better than you guys. Fantastic read. AAP gone. Cheers.

        1. What is ‘modern warfare 3’? Some computer game I suppose …

          Well don’t know about “self-fulfilling prophecies”, but definitely vindicates my comment that most AAP supporters are brainwashed 20-year old school/college kids with low level of maturity in life and under-developed sense of political/social/economic issues. No wonder their ‘arguments’ are always so sentimental, subjective and irrational, instead of being factual or logical.

  20. assumptions of blogger
    1 all Indians are stupid a la katju so they donot know how to fight corruption in India.
    2 only this baba bloger is intelligent
    3 he wants Arvind to fight case by case to end corruption,a la papu faku
    4 confused about internal external janlokpal, Kejriwal has proposed Jan lokpal,
    5 confuse all about the chronology of events,regarding Anjali being AAP conveyor.
    6 he want a new born party not using the corruption money to have machinery to investigate all.

    1. Dear Sant,

      1. ur first point doesnt deserve a reply, as u have not substantiated it.
      2. Thats your assumption
      3. I dont want Arvind to fight, If only you could have read the blog, clearly mention, it was Arvinds decision to order Internal Lokpal on Damania n others
      4. Look at the video, embeded and your myth will get clear
      5 check the dates again or explain, if you have alternate syggestions
      6. Again doesnt deserve comment, prove that blog is factually wrong

      Your comment was not deleted, but kept for all to see the bile lies been spread widout providing facts to counter the fact presented in this blog

  21. Brilliant effort to put the fact as it were. Everything here is evidenced objectively and not a Shoot and Scoot job that our ShooterOnScooter is an expert of. And it pains me more when Jaymin Bhai (and me) who gave our hearts and souls for IAC movement in its original avatar as a beacon of hope, were taken for a jolly ride by this selfish person who tries to pick on emotive issues to keep his ambition for power alive.
    Why the bluff? Having conceded there is going to be an inquiry (announced with much fanfare), it would only be befitting that he announced change in plans with same fanfare. She is a nobody in AAP and hence no inquiry ordered. But no, it was done when there was no choice after you exposed him. The fact remains that she indeed was somebody in AAP. I would go with my personal opinion that Kejriwal bluffed and he was in the know of organization structure in Maharashtra.
    We will hound them till we get an answer from the horse’s mouth. Or Kejriwal conceding that he indeed has completed the tranformation into a hardcore “Politician” whom he set out to exterminate.
    Great job, Suresh and Jaymin Bhai.

      1. No one was pillioning, mebbe AAP did // people genuinely joined IAC intially, few including me, but their dishonest agenda got exposed, may be corrupt or not, but i m not commenting, but they are not honest to commitment they took, and hence people moved away, with influx of new information

      2. Riding pillions? lol your fraud leader got all the crowds due to RSS’ efforts..remember what happened when you had a flop show at Mumbai? Kitne log aaye the? Bechara chor Mayank Gandhi, lakhon rupaye kharch kar ke bhi 2-3000 log nahi juta paaya.

        Abhi DIlli election mein apni aukaat pata lag jayegi Ford Foundation funded frauds ko

        1. Read one of my comments about how Team Kejriwal gamed the system (media and even RSS) to get publicity and build youth support base for themselves, to launch their far-Leftist party “by stealth”. Through their sly political strategy and tactics, these anti-nationals managed to piggyback on nationalists, and even sliced out a chunk of the nationalist youngsters for themselves (who are now being brainwashed with Leftist anti-national propaganda). It was a truly copybook-devious campaign, but was effective in the end (sadly), and will be remembered (and analyzed by political commentators) for decades.

          A lot of us common people too, must regret and introspect how we allowed ourselves to fall into the trap of anti-national far-Leftists and radical Communists (having Naxalite-Maoists and terrorism-separatism sympathizers among their ranks — although these facts were not widely known then) and gave them much needed support during their initial days when they were nobodies.

  22. Arvind Kejriwal has been the biggest disappointment and let down.
    I wonder how he can lead a political party when he could not work with people like Anna, Kiran and BRD!

    1. Rati mam, you are at wrong blog! It is about shooting the messenger Damaniya and you had accepted the message before … this is what you said wrt Gadkari …
      rati parker ‏@ratigirl 24 Jan
      @TiwaryAmit Yes… total idiot thank God BJP is rid of him :))
      View conversation Reply Retweet Favorite More

      “Hawww” how can you do this!

    2. Sorry to say but can you imagine the fact that netaji subhash chandra boss,bhagat singh, Chandrashekhar ajad and thousand on teh list coud not with the gandhi ji. Do you have any idea why because they had different view of for the independence so do anna ji and arvind kejriwal ji.

  23. Internal Lokpal report on AAP members will be published in 12982 AD.

    I don’t expect anything from a party that was created to help UPA-3 take office.

      1. You sir, are great in THANKSGIVING. Zilch points you’ve made all over the place. Thanking people all over the place for falling in line with your point of view! It’s amazing that in the jaundiced view of the respected authors, this is not mindless, meaningless, professional trolling! The blog author – exactly the same applies to you. It’s your trolling that stands exposed. Your hypocrisy of making points stands exposed. You pick up a few guys for slamming you and exhort them to make points, when there are professional trolls posting patented gibberish and nonsensical claims, completely without proof, and they are invisible to you! But you wouldn’t see it, would ya?

        Do some introspection. By the way, you have made a fool of yourself by saying something in one place, but by having an attitude that contravenes, or rather betrays this facade of honesty and non-hypocrisy. You are proudly carrying and propagating the legacy bequeathed to Indians by the followers of Mir Jafar! Good luck with your further trolling!

        1. if u can see proof, and changing stance and lies, with the proof n chronology given, guess u need to go for IQ test n go to eye doc to remove blind fold from ur eyes. thanks

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