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Rituals r they burden, or means for coherent society ... Yesterday, came across an article, where an progressive lady sarpanch of 1 Indian village called for ending Mrtiyu Bhoj (feast given to relatives post death of family member) citing it acts as burden of poor people who cant afford it.   Which...

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Demonetizaton – Disruption in Economics!! The business transactions in India, be it large corporate or small retail – household transactions, has undergone a see change since 8th Nov’ 2016, when elected government of India, took a disruptive decision of demonetization, where currency notes...

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Is the situation in India not conducive for differently-abled people? Recently, a news report said that a differently abled person complained of being embarrassed by airport authorities when she was forced to take off her prosthetic leg and pass it through the luggage scanner along with other passengers’ baggage. She...

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Need for Media Regulator To the Prime Minister of India, Subject – Request for Independent Regulator for News Media   Adarneeye Pradhan Mantriji This request is not for imposing censorship on media, but ensuring accountability, verifiable & authentic news...

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Media, System and Society The Lack of "Must be Routine", compels incompetent to LOUDLY praise even the pretentious intent of performing 'What is to be done". This urge is more to do with white-washing the in-efficiencies and NOT to find a solution to cure the rot. - is the conclusion...

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Aditi Restaurant– Support beyond the ‘Tamasha’

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All it took to shake a political party that forms a part of the ruling coalition in Maharashtra was a footnote in the bill of small time restaurant in Mumbai. It read: “As per UPA govt eating money (2G, Coal, CWG scams) is a necessity but eating in an AC restaurant is a luxury”

BQQxtZ-CQAEVuCOIt all started when Sriniwas Shetty, who runs a hotel named Aditi Veg Restaurant in Parel area of Mumbai, decided not to be yet another mute spectator of excesses unleashed by the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government. On one hand, the UPA broke hell on citizens by executing one scam after another; and on the other, in utter clumsiness, has started squeezing the working class by levying various taxes.

To read entire blog, please visit Money Life link .

Thanks to Money Life Foundation, esp. Sucheta Dalal, for publishing my view


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