Media, System and Society

The Lack of “Must be Routine”, compels incompetent to LOUDLY praise even the pretentious intent of performing ‘What is to be done”. This urge is more to do with white-washing the in-efficiencies and NOT to find a solution to cure the rot. – is the conclusion one can arrive, While going through The Rohtak “Bravehearts” and the truth Media ignored by @UnSubtleDesiThe blog brought back images of TV Screens, filled up with National debates, shouting and blaming in full volume, yet failing to make a single word of sense; to complement the noisy panel debates on TV was shabby and pointless Op-eds and to top it all, was agenda inflicted News, with half information and full lies, but full of guided narrative.

The write up is more of a pointer on lack of follow-up on the story to find out and state the truth, hence it surely exposes hypocrisy of Media; but even more then that, what it exposes, through ‘in between the lines’ is a crazy mad-race for TRP between News Channels and attempt to be crowning self as only CONSCIOUS voice of society or rather holding the moral compass of all, thus having natural right to dish out judgements without investigation or logic, but pure on whims and fancies that suits their commercial/ideological boss’s agenda. However, Malice lies much deeper, and does not stop at mere media, but it stretches self towards, self proclaimed-liberals and opinion makers of society, NGO’s and also those involved in system as well; The intensity, involvement and intention may differ at various level among them, but it sure exists.

To start with, a quick flash-black a couple of years back, Media was filled with images and news of infant’s death in West Bengal’s Hospital, when Mamta Banerjee had taken over as Chief Minister of West Bengal just few months before the incidents. Then walk few steps towards present and there were News on series of daily gang rapes in Uttar Pradesh. In between there was a brutal murder-rape of a Lady in Delhi and few other cases as well, which worked as catalyst to make every Indian angry over the safety and administration of not only Delhi, but every state of India (rightly so). However, now again look back, and question, what has happened to deaths of infants in Bengal or gang rapes in Uttar Pradesh now? have the system taken over and has the deaths and rapes stopped?, Okay, Lets not try and not attempt to reply this, for beyond those very few who are in vicinity of above places, most wouldn’t have information to say Yes or No. The reply instantly would be memory of Indian / society is very short,  however its not completely true. In the conventional Media, the information or views are throttled through one way from media outlets to consumer, and not two ways, where consumer demands the information (except rare of writing letters to Editors, but again no way to confirm, the letters are being acted upon). Also, painting the entire Media with single brush is equally wrong, but real problem lies in exposure of the stories, which is been decided by elite editors and News Media Owners, who decide on What and What not to let audience be made aware of, beyond a point.

Second flagging issue is, scavenging mindset of certain section in Media/intellectuals/NGO to exploit the tragedy or heinous crime against society to suit their agenda/vested interest or exploit TV screen space for publicity , but the will to find solution is NEVER on the priority list. Especially, when the crime is gender related. The lack of proper system to milk-out justice or ensuring routine safety, provides space to attention seeking scoundrels to leech on to such tragedies.  Lets here take the case of #DelhiRapeCase, where entire Capital of the Country came to halt, and was urging for Speedy Justice as aberration, while its the fundamental right of the citizens. But instead of using the moment as positive catalyst to have some tangible result in form of actionable solutions, entire mechanisms from those in system, to media to NGO, started deviating and white washing the incident. 1st attempt was discussion whether to call the victim of crime, as victim or survivor, then race to name her, from Nirbhaya to whatever …., lastly came psychoanalysis of what causes rapes and final nail was instituting a committee to enact a new law, instead of investigating what leads to delay in justice. The mis-handing of the case by the then Delhi Government and Central Government was more then evident, whose sole focus was to evade any fixing of blame on their own inefficiencies. Entire effort is just to hush up incident and pretend is everything is fine, and then we all lived happily after. Else, why the Gangrape of a teenager, which was equal brutal in uttar Pradesh, few months after #Delhicase, was not given as much importance, nor there was proper follow up. Not that every girl should be Media named “Nirbhaya” (No girl deserves that, by remote means); but SADLY and certainly not all cases of victim/survivor gets acknowledgement as that of #DelhiRapeCase. This has cascading effect, which is made more vicious, with Media having urge to dish out Judgements, again to prove “#ALLisWELL. Mere statement of a lady is potent enough for Media and System/Society to label a male, as toxic living being who is to be weeded out from civilised society, logical evidence or investigation be dammed. And when the error in this hurried judgement is showcased, there comes lame justification, yeh to aberration tha, else since centuries, women is exploited (not that I am countering historic part, but certainly historic wrong cant be licence to present wrong, and again not all cases are motivated; but space of Grey Shade in law leads to scope of Law being motivatedly misused; Mere Intention is not everything in LAW, at least).

Let for example, check “Law of Domestic Violence”, which actually is named as Protection of Woman From Domestic Violence Act 2005 as the name suggests it is for the women, and no such law for any Males (thus any statistical exercise to determine who is victim of Domestic Violence can never lead to logical conclusion, but only to assumptions) Similarly, Law #498A and then this Nirbhaya law, where a Law presumes, women as always victim and males as brutal gang rapist, always. Media laps this up and pronounce criminal before investigation, which has actually been more detrimental to genuine victim/affected women in many cases. Also the law has to well-objective not pretenious good intention but factually biased. As can be seen in the blog of @UnsubtleDesi, where even the army served penalty to accused, without investigation, based on media narrative; while follow up was not even properly acknowledged, where it was clear that girls (victims per media), were actually milking the above suggested mindset prevalent in society and in matter of #498A there can be innumerable false cases that are been unearthed; but media never takes up these, as it is anti to the narrative of their owners or NGO friends who squeeze out their wealth and fame, by holding flag as Voice of Victims; and encash huge amount of donations.

Neither Media nor Opinion makers are interested in balanced law which is against criminal without pre-inhibitions along with honest effort to unearth truth without predetermining the criminals; which sadly is the prerequisite for fearless fight against crime … but then …..its the Game of Money, Honey and not the truth or society. Also, to suggest society has short memory is as wrong, because they are not allowed by section through 24 X 7 News channels; As when option is provided citizens have proved they know much better and keep self informed; example no lies stand more then few minutes or hours on social media, the alert social media acitivist, squashes lies spewed with the help of elephantine memory and using facts/screen shots.  But then, as its said – Customer is the KING.

Media is reflection of society, and if Mirror has cracks and is shabby .. don’t persists with the mirror, which will never have true reflection … Better change the Mirror and invest in SOCIAL MEDIA.

Hindutva and BJP, Victory / Loss and India & of course Fiberals, lets analyse

The So called Liberals and Lutyens, have recently increased their pitch on Secularism and blaming Communalism, post 16th May’ 2014. Ironically, they blamed Communalism, i.e communal Politics (basically Hindu’s) was reason behind BJP winning 2014 LS election, where many Op-ed writers brazenly wrote it as defeat of “idea of India” or Secularism.; and now again for a setback in Delhi election, same set of writers, and few blame, Communalism for BJP’s loss. The same is also been repeated by few self claiming to be Right (Economically and not culturally/religiously or whatever pretentious name they gave to hide their left leaning). For time being, even if we forget the bias of this lot against Hindu’s, the above paragraph is potent enough to not take this lot seriously, for their own analysis contradicts their own opinion which is 9 months old.

Also Funnily the demands, which are labeled as Hindutva agenda or communal agenda by these lot (Jokers) are actually uncomfortable demand which rubs the hardliner minority the wrong way, who this lutyens want to Pander, and thus claim to be Secular, it is immaterial to evaluate the demands objectively and how it actually helps India. Thus secular agenda is more of pandering fringe (not so) hardliner minority and it certainly doesn’t mean to respect all religions. Ideally Secularism mean Government and Religion are mutually exclusive but Indian lutyens have forgotten this long before they could even pronounce SECULARISM.

BTW, lets have a look at the So called Communal or Hindutva Agenda, which seems to be anti India Progress
1. Uniform Civil Code
2. Removal of art. 370 and seeking justice for Kashmiri Hinduzzz
3. Re-Conversion until Anti Conversion Law is passed
4. Rewriting History, with Focus to Indian Warriors and Indian History and exposing face of tyrants
5. Building of Ram Mandir @ Ayodhya
6. Freeing Temples from GOVT, just like other religion praying places

There may be few others as well, but these are like Big Daddy of the reason, whose utterance itself is potent enough to give seizures to lutyens. So let’s now go through each point and see are they actually anti India or opposing this fundamental demands are in itself communal

1. Uniform Civil Code – Ideally UCC means treating all citizens as equal, no one appeased and everyone equally protected by same law. Also meaning all personal law ceases to exist. This is ideal solution to fear of Lutyens, who think Minorities are not treated properly and considered as secondary citizens. So what could be better than bringing minorities into first class from their hypothetical secondary class? Why oppose to be Equal? This in self exposes duality and hollowness of so called and self claimed Voice of minorities, who nothing but sleep and play with Minority hardliners. In fact UCC is actual IDEA of INDIA, where all are one, and no one is more equal than others.

2. Removal of article. 370 – A treaty was signed by India with King of Kashmir, I suppose just as any other kings, By Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel. Now, giving all Indians equal right across the soil of India, what could be better than this. This is purely a national issue and not religious, in fact it is effort to the state in main stream thus open up doors of progress for citizens of Kashmir. But Lutyens want Kashmiri people should remain poor so that showcasing Kashmir Poverty, this lutyens can grab millions to facilitate their 5star hotel and stay and 7 course diners. Again this is pro-Indian issue and not pandering to a religion. Also how come demanding a legal justice for Kashmiri Hinduz who mere more then brutalized both physically mentally and even economically in their own houses, by just a religious/communal agenda, shouldnt this actually a national priority

3. Re-Conversion – There has been fine debate on secularism during constituent assembly was writing of Indian Constitution, which after some opposition allowed propagation of religion. But over the years, we have seen systemic and institutionalized way in which Forceful conversions taken place by either furthering superstition of magical cure or some short term financial aid, with brazen support of foreign institutions. The Lutyens were all happy with the same. However, when certain Hindu organizations allowed those converted, to convert back, hell broke loose. A suggestion to make forceful conversion a crime, was hurdled by those who cried foul on re conversion, again exposes their duplicity, as anti conversion bill would hamper the donations from foreign

4. Rewriting History to recognize Indian Warriors and not Tyrants of India – This is self explanatory, and how this is communal, I fail to understand, why would a glory of Indian ruler be not taught to Indian students, is what I can’t get it. And how singing laurels of those who attacked India is saving idea of India. How can Respecting Indian ancient achievements and taking inspiration from it be anti India?

5. Construction of Ram Mandir – Lot has been talked on it. But will put single point, even court has recognized the presence of Mandir at the so called place (holy to hindu) was dragged in court by fiberals. The stand has always been Building of Ram Mandir by legal means, which translates into urging Court to bring closure by deciding on case soon, instead of dragging the issue to ad nauseum. Again how can constructing something legally recognized be anti India, that also even after waiting for final verdict of court? To give a different Slant, India in past never suffered through economic disaster was partly because of Temple economics, hence we should actually pursue more of Legal temples
6. Freeing Temples from Govt Control – When Masjid and Church are exempted, how come controlling Temples is Idea of India, if someone can explain, I will be Thankful. Also in past the Temple economics helped the society to prosper, hence there should be overview than control of temples
All the above points which are labeled as Communal agenda are actually one which can smoothen the Indian Society, to very core. None of the above discussed points are in anyway obstructing Indian Progress, but actually complements development. The only fears from above points are to those who want to continue indulging in comfortable web of lutyens who wants to pander minority hardliners and thus weaken Indian as a country.

Basically it is this minority hardliners and their aka’s dont want India to be ONE and Progress, as Progressive India cant fulfill their treacherous and greedy dreams, which are baked on lives of those whom they claim to support.

LASTLY, it is Hindus and Hindutva which is hated by liberals and Lutyens, and at every possible event, they want to deride Hindutva, a game started since ocialist era, where Nehruvian Socialist policies led to low growth but name attibuted to slow pace was Hindu rate of growth, when the policies were all anti Right. This Lutyens in attempt to have closure over Hindutva and want to dissociate Hindutva from India and BJP, use such as communal agenda or hindutva brigade led to defeat… but point is, Hindutva is what bnds the nation, as Hindutva is not limited to religion buts its cultural and even national… So liberal bigots, please excuse