Rituals r they burden, or means for coherent society …

Yesterday, came across an article, where an progressive lady sarpanch of 1 Indian village called for ending Mrtiyu Bhoj (feast given to relatives post death of family member) citing it acts as burden of poor people who cant afford it.
Which left me wondering, This is Apt case of giving medicines to cure loose motions, when actually the patient is suffering from constipation
feastIndia is land of celebrations and Festivals, which has kept the country vibrant, and away from recession; and most importantly away from isolation…We celebrate right from birth to death, to every moment … Rituals in that sense are important part of life, or rather a reason to celebrate or have a get together over a purpose. One cut down rituals, celebrations, socialsing, and there we cut down society from *societal animal*, another name for human beings, leaving aside only animal, with only purpose of fending daily food needs, mating with opposite gender and sleeping…(not exactly so, for instance, as even on death crow, we see as many crows coming near the body .. their kinda ritual) … so banning rituals/celebrations will brings us to even 1 place lower to animals and birds.
Second rituals and celebrations are medium, and never decides quantity …. In India, the phrase *Yatha Shakti, Tatha Bhakti* is famous, which means act with in your limits, in other words, don’t over stretch beyond your limits even to please God.
Most abused ceremony by pseudo liberals is marriage, citing cost incurred, without going into economics of how marriagemarriage actually gives employment opportunities to as many, and fastens the economic activity sphere; will simply say, marriage and customs are medium of exchanging good wishes for couple starting new phase, even if one doesn’t want to go in efficacy of the mantra’s and shlokas, also no where it is mentioned or written marriage dish has to have Indian/Chinese/Italian/Mexican cuisines as options …. one can have 1 decent plate or even 1 dish or just a sweet, to treat the guest. Flaw is not in marriage ritual, but blind imitation of showing off by incurring expenditure, much beyond the financial capacity of the individual, thus here marriage as ceremony is not the villain, but the real problem is mindlessness of the individual or those certain people forcing the individual to incur cost for imitating the extravaganza
milkComing to Mrtiyu Bhoj or any other ritual, which calls for feasting the relatives or others, never instruct to serve 7 course meal, or chappan bhog … those who can afford, surely can give feast, and those who have constraints, even a glass of milk, jaggery water or even water is enough. Why should the one who cant afford imitate to those who can afford and cry hoarse.
Instead of banning ritual because of morons who imitate without fact check of their capability or the relatives who force costly rituals, We should educate and motivate rituals with in financial constraint, which will serve purpose and also give satisfaction.
Lot many times morons take one flawed and misleading act through misinterpretation of festival/celebration/ritual to blanket abuse entire celebration, using formula, like, a=b, b=c,so c=a
Diwali = burning crackers, burning crackers in front of hospital=bad; so diwali = bad
Holi = throwing colors, throwing colors on strangers=bad, so holi=bad
rituals=feast, borrowing for feast=bad, so rituals = bad
and so on
if u notice in all above, b=c, has unwarranted insertion, which doesn’t figure in a=b, which is not educated upon, like
1. burning cracker is not bad if done responsibly and Diwali is much more then burning cracker, or that too in front of hospital, none supports it, so drawing parallel is flawed to start with.
2. holi is beyond throwing colors, leave aside few jokers throwing on strangers
3. borrowing for non- generating activity or backed up revenue generating activity, is always bad, be it ritual or any other reason
What we need is correct interpretation and education on celebration and ritual to be followed, with mandatory clause, act with in your limits, rather than giving bad name to rituals/celebrations
Also, why should those who can afford b asked to behave, because of an nincompoop who will imitate his style, even when out his/her scope. others with acting beyond constraint is no fault of those who can afford, so why should he be punished, or why should ritual/celebration be given bad name, just because jokers don’t understand the essence and instead goes in blind imitation.
No celebration/ritual is bad, if its understood, acted with in limits and adapted with times, with minor tweaking … so instead of brandishing ritual/celebrations … enjoy it, with having eye on your capacity … with that you shall be happy, content, and also satisfied.

Demonetizaton – Disruption in Economics!!

The business transactions in India, be it large corporate or small retail – household transactions, has undergone a see change since 8th Nov’ 2016, when elected government of India, took a disruptive decision of demonetization, where currency notes of Rs500 and Rs1000 are rendered as illegal tender with immediate effect. The reason cited for the decision ranged from curbing corruption to fighting the terrorism, which thrives on counterfeit currency.

The move has changed the perspective and way business is conducted, from being 98% cash transacting economy, India is seeing quick rise in online and cashless transaction and small traders are quickest to adapt this new change to sustain their business. Whether the move is success of failure on economical front, can’t be predicted now and will be known after at least one financial quarter, however, the cascading effects on behavioral pattern are already seen, and it has been encouraging. With most of the currency printed getting accounted in the system, provides impetus in planning the future course of the economic development.

Also, demonetization has unleashed an opportunity of level playing ground among the citizens, with unaccounted / black money being illegal now, it will now be difficult to use the black money, by way of bribe to influence a decision be it government or corporate. Though it is difficult to predict corruption will end through this move, what we can be confident about is, the changing mindset of citizens, towards being accountable and responsible in the way they conduct themselves economically, which certainly was possible only thru disruption, like demonetization; and not my sermons or warning.