Rulerz Quotes

My thoughts on Life surroundings World and leading life
  • When wining has No Xcuse, loosing also shouldn’t have any!!!
  • Dreaming is as good as doing nothing, Aspirations has no meaning widout proper actions!!!
  • U alwayz get it WHat u want, n if u DONT, u havent tried enuf!!!
  • Nevr Lissin to Others, Cuz if u lissin to Others, Ur suxcess is result of their advice N Ur failure is u not taking their advice properly!!!
  • Nevr accept what world has to say bout U, alwayz prove urself to world tht u are rite!!!
  • A Person has NO Personality, he just acts according to Situations!!!
  • Alwayz look up on urself and ur victory, cuz only u know how hard u have struggled.
  • if u dont look upto urself, Dont xpect world to respect U!!!
  • Alwayz fight for Urself, No one is gonna fight for U!!!