Is the situation in India not conducive for differently-abled people?

Recently, a news report said that a differently abled person complained of being embarrassed by airport authorities when she was forced to take off her prosthetic leg and pass it through the luggage scanner along with other passengers’ baggage. She claimed that the incident “brought her to tears”. This sparked off a debate whether Indian society and infrastructure provides a conducive environment for the differently-abled.


While my issue is less with the individual, who felt offended or awkward (though personally i dont see a reason, but than each to his/her own). My Major problem is with Media, who make hue and cry, by loathing around make victimhood environment steamed in negativity with hollow sympathy for differently abled.

In this context, I spoke with, and here is my interview


Q. How difficult has it been for you, being a differently-abled person?

Jaymin: Well, being differently abled since birth actually worked in my favour. Many times after lateral accidents or mishaps one has to unlearn so much and relearn to adapt and adjust, in that scenario, you can say, from birth I was given my scope area which I had to adjust and expertise to deliver.

Q. So how was your childhood and even otherwise, did you face any embarrassing or uncomfortable moment?

I would say, everyone would have faced embarrassing or rude behavior in one’s life, similarly I too have faced, when I required genuine help but was turned down or kind of mocked at. However, the positive and compassionate support is so huge since my childhood from my parents to friends to acquaintances and most strangers, these embarrassing moments don’t matter. All because of motivation, especially from my mother and then in school from my principal and then from all friends from very early stage, never made me feel awkward to request help. From cabbies to policemen to even stray strangers, have always been supportive and provided support, whenever I needed, without trampling my dignity.


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Need for Media Regulator

To the Prime Minister of India,

Subject – Request for Independent Regulator for News Media


Adarneeye Pradhan Mantriji

This request is not for imposing censorship on media, but ensuring accountability, verifiable & authentic news report.

The request for Independent Regulator for News Media would empower the citizen to seek redressal at least cost & at maximum speed, we already have DRT, TRAI, REHULATOR FOR ELECTRICITY, CONSUMER FORUMS FOR COMPLAINTS IN CASE OF PRODUCTS & SERVICES. Over the years it has been witnessed, internal regulators like editors guild and other regulation like Press Council has miserably failed and are toothless paper tigers

In any Democracy, Media plays a very important interface between government & public, and its responsibility gets amplified in the democracy as large as ours. However, over the years, it has not only been felt, but even documented with hard evidence malicious and agenda based activity is furthered under the garb of journalism. Case after case, events after events, the journalists and editors of Mainstream Media, especially English Media are been exposed of their brazen rumour mongering to further agenda; so much that at times, the events are pushed to the level of anti-national activity, which is very dangerous. You have personally been at the receiving end of their malicious campaign about 2002 Gujarat riots. You have personally witnessed how the reporting was done during those difficult times.

The highest Judiciary of India, Honorable Supreme Court of India in its Judgment on Criminal Appeal NOS.1899-1900 OF 2011, has in detailed expose the worrisome role of Media, which endangered safety not only of our soldiers fighting the terrorist but also of civilians, at large (link – , Page 245 to 249). The Highest court has further observed need of external regulator

It’s only after advent of social Media, the lies criminal agenda of Media are not only exposed but also forced to be retracted; however in absence of independent regulator, it becomes bit difficult to rein in the misdeeds of media. The social Media is filled with the documentary proof (screen shots, where misleading articles or statement of journalists / editors are recorded, which are either inflammatory or potential enough to attack the social fabric of India). In its sheer hatred to majority community of India, the media would not think twice before casting aspersions and even not bothering about providing evidence or retracting after exposed.

The most recent case of unfortunate lynching of an Indian citizen at Dadri, was highly communalized by media, even when state government’s report has not mentioned any religious angle. The act of media also raises its suspicion over selective reportage, and pushing victim hood card among select community.

A senior journalist was found in fist fight with NRI only because NRI had different and positive view for India, as against prejudiced negative view of journalist.

Details of CWG scam and 2G scam, along with Nira Radia tape case fully exposes active involvement of journalist not only in corruption but also misleading nation at large for their petty interest.

Blog portals like, and are among many others, that are filled expose of biased Media, for over past many years

In light of above gross misdeeds and anti national activities of Indian Media, we earnestly urge your esteem self to kindly consider for appointing Independent Media Regulator, who can ensure

To Prevent misreporting & willfully manufactured news, solely to disturb the society

  1. To enforce accountability in media
  2. To Restrict Media inflame passions & defame majority community; and insulting their religion and country as a whole
  3. To prevent media houses & persons to play politics & become fixers; which furthers not only corruption but also pushes crony capitalism
  4. That all news have hard evidence & not fiction of imagination
  5. To address public complaints against media & it’s persons; and also for quick redressal of public complaints.
  6. even source base news should have hard evidence, source not be disclosed but evidence of news must be available
  7. Protect the most vulnerable section of the society who are not that well educated & are susceptible to exploitation by media reports & political parties bent upon creating unrest in the country.

It is the foremost responsibility of responsive government, to safeguard interest and protect vulnerable citizens from malicious attack (need not be violent directly; but have potential to inflame situation; putting the peace of society at risk).

Hence we request you to kindly sanction Independent Media Regulator, and thus refrain the brazen media from its anti national and anti society antics at the earliest


Request by an INDIAN


(You can too sign the petition here; On 1st January’ 2016, the signed petition will be sent to Prime Minister of India, via registered mail)