MF Hussain … WTF

At the outset, This blog is written by a Proud HINDU who is Indian first. Also the thoughts presented here are by no means mixed with religious inclination.

An artist thinks ahead of time.”- Hussain. He is right, I do agree with him. An artist with his thought at higher bar from society always gives direction to society. Leonardo da Vinci, when he painted Mona LISA wanted to convey through smile of lady the kind of mythic embodiment of eternal femininity. He had the message and the reason for Mona LISA painting is still considered to be greatest art. Take another recent example of Taslima, when she should be supported for her idea towards freeing women is something to admire of. Her writings too has message for the society. An art is above all religion. It is to be respected beyond boundaries of religion or ideology. But an artist too has some responsibilities, no TOM, DICK or Harry and Harry’s brother can use art as disguise to project his dirt filled mind.

If Hussain believes his art of uncivilized portrait of GODDESS has some message or meaning, why has he not come out and explained it. Just by using parallels of other great artist one can never get away from his nonsense work.

Hussain is not targeted because he is a muslim or old artist, but because he insulted GOD. The intellectual media who tries to protect him saying he is old man and is targeted since he is minority (read muslim) should be ashamed. For I can assure, had the artist been HARICHAND or HIRALAL, the agitation would have been much stronger. The media is to understand, when a mother is insulted you don’t go out to check the nationality or religion of the culprit.

The media comes out with the idea of freedom of expression/ freedom of thoughts / freedom of art, this is just hogwash. Will any of the intellectual allow any of their loved one to be painted NUDE and will they applaud the painting as art (without taking consent of the concerned person).

Right always comes with responsibility, and without responsibility it is abuse of the power and right. Hussain in his capacity painted what he thought, but it was no more than an insult leave aside calling it a art. If he has message or idea behind this painting, which I guess would be as dirty as the person is he, but still let him convey what he wanted to say through the painting.

An artist has to be a good human first, if he insulted the feeling of GOD, and not the myths on blind faith traditions. At this point I would also add that the manner of protest against him was wrong, violent protest is by no means a civilized way. The culprit protestors should be punished, but first Hussain has to be brought back and tried and if possible be given a sentence. No one is seeking to BAN his right of painting, but to demand the punishment for his offense which is criminal, is by no means illegal.

The media is stooped and hypocritical to the core, while if foreign advertisers use the GOD and GODDESS figure on the product or even use GANHIJI as tool of promotion is considered as insult by media. At times they also show GOD in uncivilized manner on shoes or holding cigarettes. Why don’t they give discount to creative advertisers that freedom of expression? Or do media believe that only Indians should insult India Or is it like only pseudo great artist people get the license to insult India.
Disclaimer – I oppose vehemently advertiser playing with religious feeling of any human being.

I am just afraid, these pseudo intellectuals will soon start advocating for PORN as form of expression and art. And if GODESS are to be painted nude, then y der is hue and cry over morphed nudity of celebrity, Hussain didnt took the permission of GOD to paint them nude so does these cyber criminals will not take permission and paint any 1 nude and circulate in name of art. I am not at all advocating this kind of acts, but just making media and pseudo intellectuals what an abuse of “FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION can lead to

A monkey face of Micelle Obama is racism, a rant against Shilpa Shetty is racism but the belief in GOD to painted NUDE is art …. WTF, media when will you be using your mind, if you have any
Certain political party is up in hands to bring back hussain and are advocating freedom of art, my question will they allow Hussain to paint their party leader in uncivilized manner and frame it in every party office? They can’t take a word against their party leader and goes on crying foul, but an insult to GOD of million believers is just an art.

If Freedom of expression is advocated sooo much; then anti-social people giving out hate speeches will also use this right to advocate their notions. The Babri Masjid demolition is crime; it can also be advocated freedom of expression and thought. Can media understand the fallout of their narrow mind and narrow thinking to grab TRP by supporting wrong cause.

I would say get real man! Understand the fine line between progressive thinking and an insult. Everyone has freedom of thought and expression but kindly use it wisely, Its not to please millions and masses, but if your thoughts are revolutionary get up and explain, just by being an artist and you insult and think of getting away is nonsense. I do agree, we should get back Hussain to kick his a$$. A example for other people to understand, that while we salute path breaking thoughts of Taslima we can kick a$$ of person insulting our mother

Why should we VOTE?

Blog was written in April 2009

Once again a hullabaloo that makes me go at end of my wits, here comes the election again; crooks are on sale, criminal’s are in race to become representatives of state and country. The great election drama, where apart from development and well being of society everything is discussed, right from giving hugs and kisses to fellow female contestant, to abusing particular community to propagate against English language, to call upon bollywood celebrity, who even lacks common general knowledge and all sort of antiques to get votes are in trend. Why can’t these so called highly intelligent politicians don’t understand we are not interested in this, what we want is development, security and sustained freedom for country. And, this is the reason many of my fellow voters are moving away from polling booth to Bollywood movie theatre or mini vacations. The essence of voting and importance of voting is just missing the bus by these politicians. In their illusion that politics is won by playing vote bank politics, development is thrown into the throes of anonymity, which, in fact is of prime importance for country’s youth. And hence “NO VOTING” is new mantra of young generation.

“NO VOTING”, is this new mantra, a solution to hard and serious question “Why should we vote?” along with “To whom to vote and for what?” these are real serious question asked by young voters to political fraternity across the board. Why should I vote for some who possessed ammunitions in disguise of protecting family, and that to sourcing guns from India’s top most wanted hardcore criminal. Should we vote for him only because of his two hit Hindi masala movies OR should we vote for some one who is against computers and English as a language OR those candidates who spread lies and distributes money to poor voters OR to a government who in disguise of secularism is winning elections and alliance on vote bank politics and dividing society OR some one who is so myopic in his vision to separate the community in process of branding oneself as protector of a particular community.

We have politicians disclosing their assets which run in crore, but their constituency or state is lagging behind development. We also have our railway minister, in role of a new Management guru who is said to have changed Indian railway system in matter of five years, but shouldn’t we go back and ask him that why in spite of his rule in his state for over one and half decade, the state is one of the worst progressed state, why state has not progressed despite having such a charismatic leader, that is if he is, or is it like he is not interested in development of his own state. Nearly 20% of candidates willing to represent us have criminal records and again all parties are equal in hiring criminals for elections.

What is seen today in politics is only mud slinging on each other, trying to prove that one party is less corrupt and inefficient than other, in a nutshell what is coming straight on face is, that every one is corrupt just that ratings are varying. So why should we vote for these politicians, when they are not concerned with my state / country’s development, they are not fit to represent me and also it is easier said than done to participate in political system and importantly what difference will 1 vote make when the system in itself is corrupt. Its like Hindi quote “mein is paapi ko saath nahi dena chahta, kyuki mein is paap ka bhagidaar nahi banna chahta”.

But even than my question still remains that despite all the above accusations and explanations, is the solution devised of “NO VOTING” a suitable and progressive one. Well to me “Avoiding is never a solution to any problem” and again by deciding not to vote we are actually voting for the same corrupt politician to get re-elected, whom we hate for his crimes and selfish and narrow attitude. Well I would just like to say, “VOTE”, and vote not just for the change but also to initiate the process of change. When the voting percentage will increase, it will also increase the vigil and so the accountability of the politician. To make the matter simple, lets take a scenario of one hypothetical constituency, where voting percentage is very low, the candidates conducts a political arithmetic, and he finds that educated people are not going to vote, so why to flatter this class with development or any positives, as nothing matters to them and on the other hand he can buy out few percentage of vote by distributing money, liquor and sarees. Hence the politician is only interested in making money by hook or crook to distribute among poor to collect votes and will not look after development at all, as development may drive away his vote bank and also create hurdle in his money making business.

When every one gives vote the vigil increases and politician is accountable to more people and also he cannot purchase all the votes hence he has to give back to society by way of development work to get re-elected.It is completely agreed that by voting this time it is difficult to change the system or get the development in process, but to initiate the development, just vote even if it means to select a lesser criminal of the options but choose one and vote. Yes, we should vote the best and honest person but if there are no honest candidates as an option, then we should go for politician with lesser criminal record as only by increased voting we can fit the fear of incumbency in politician for future election and he will have to start working or else another politician will get chance.

It’s only in our hand to clean our present mess for beautiful future. As said “Always fight for yourself, as no one will fight for you” and that includes even your so called political representative. We have to stop being afraid and also refrain from passing the responsibility of choosing future for ourselves and our future generations. It looks so very easy to comment on a stupid politician’s speech or act, it becomes a talk over tea and debate session in office, but then what are WE doing apart from debate, are we putting these debates in practice by stopping that particular candidate to get re-elected? We plan out time to buy beers and sports lounge tickets in advance as voting day is dry day and holiday so that we can enjoy this holiday, however important day it is. We plan out vacations and watch cricket matches instead of selecting some one to govern us. Also because it is difficult for every one of us to get into system of politics, So VOTE TO INITIATE THE CHANGE, IF CHANGE is not seen right away.

What we are voting is not just for a candidate of constituency but we are voting for “HOPE”, a hope that if not today our tomorrow will be better and with more satisfying feeling that I had a part / role to play in deciding what is right for my country. GUESS WHAT, THIS SATISFACTORY FEELING OF AN ATTEMPT TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY CAN BE AVAILED EVEN BY YOU AT A SMALL PRICE OF JUST ONE VOTE IN EVERY ELECTION WITH NO ADDITIONAL OR HIDDEN COST.

I can recollect a simple nursery story, which tells that a mouse ran over the body of sleeping lion. Well to me the moral of the story is “EVEN a mouse can harass and run over an unaware and sleeping lion”. So even if voters are the most important in democracy but if they are sleeping, these crooks can take us for a big ride.

Lastly want to mention the importance of one vote

  • In 1645, One Vote gave Oliver Cromwell control of England
  • In 1648, One Vote decided the execution of Charles I
  • In 1776, One Vote gave America English instead of German as a language
  • In 1868, One Vote saved Andrew Jackson form Impeachment
  • In 1923, One Vote made Hitler the leader of Nazi Party
  • In 1998, Vajpayee Govt. was defeated by One Vote

Moral…every vote counts. Go out and Vote