6Th December ~ Date that exposed contradiction and Hypocrisy of LEFT…!!!


A disputed site, named #BabriMasjid was demolished on 6th December’ 1992 illegally (technically, as there was legal order to bring down the structure or the one who demolished were not assigned to do so, by book of law of the country). However, illegality of the demolition, should not dilute the fact, disputed structure alleged as masjid was constructed over remains of temple, which is well documented not only the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) report; but also in the Allahabad Court Judgment.

ayodhyaI am avoiding *Cause-Effect* analogy, for demolition took place illegally as Judgment and Polity played to gallery of pseudo minoritarian secular vote bank politics, where facts were ignored only for appeasement. The cause-effect analogy is avoided, only to expose flaw on pseudo seculars argument, who are of view – Riots happened & people killed, also some temples burnt down ONLY because of #BabriDemolition. Since, the other cause effect analogy when brought in fore, shows, Babri was demolished because, politics avoided bringing rightful solution and justice. The circle of cause-effect will end at source of all riots and babri demolition, was ONLY due to destruction of Ram Mandir by Islamist invader. Also, cause-effect analogy doesn’t exonerate a crime, be it before or after the event; just as babri demolition can’t exonerate the riots. All crimes are to be exclusively examined and treated to; illegal demolition of disputed structure Babri Masjid be taken to its logical conclusion; and

Also, destruction of Ram Mandir should not be ignored, and due justice be delivered.

However, the pseudo seculars, not only ignore the history, while crying for Babri masjid demolition, as destruction of Edifice of Secularism, but also have self-exposed their hypocrisy through conspicuous silence over demolition of over hundreds and thousands of temple (not just in history) but in contemporary, more so after #BabriDemolition. If Babri Demolition was assault on Indian fabric; why pin drop silence on thousands of temple demolished; and even now idols are continuously desecrated by a specific minority community.   The evil design of Left historians is exposed by Former regional head of ASI, Dr KK Muhammed, in his book – Njan Enna Bharatiyan (I an Indian) in Malayalam (Details here),

In words of Dr. KK Muhammed, “The Babri issue would have been settled long ago if the Muslim intelligentsia had not fallen prey to the brain washing by the Leftist historians. A set of historians including Romila Thapar, Bipin Chandra and S Gopal argued that there was no mention of the dismantling of the temple before 19th century and Ayodhya is Bhudhist-Jain centre. They were supported by historians Irfan Habib,RS Sharma, DN Jha, Suraj Ben and Akthar Ali, It was they who connived with the extremist Muslim groups to derail all attempts to find an amicable solution to the Masjid issue. Some of them even took part in several government-level meetings and supported the Babri Masjid Action Committee,” …. “We found not one but 14 pillars of a temple at the Babri Masjid site. All these pillars had domes carved on them. The domes resembled those found in temples belonging to 11th and 12th century. In the temple architecture domes are one of the nine symbols of prosperity. It was quite evident that the Masjid was erected on the debris of a temple. I went on writing to several English dailies in those days about the finding. Only one news paper published my view and that too in the letters to Editor column.

In the backdrop of ASI report, that Ram Mandir was grazed down only to construct Babri Masjid, I support and am of the view, Ram Mandir be built on the same very place, where temple was demolished by invader and subsequent Islamist ruler; even while certainly not of the view, that demolition of the Masjid was the ONLY alternative. The case is not as much of faith, as much it is of legal title and facts; Ram lalla (Shri Ram) is found to be legal heir of the Ayodhya land, through documentation and also ASI reports mentions, Temple remains and pillars were found beneath Babri masjid, which only suggests, there was a Temple, which was demolished to build a Masjid illegally.  I look forward to early Court verdict keeping in view of Allahabad Judgment based of factual ASI reports; and that’s justice is not held hostage to minority appeasement, with this I also assert, as a Hindu and also Indian, we shall accept the judgment delivered by highest court of the country (after utilizing all the opportunity at the disposal). Also, as conciliatory gesture, a structure bearing name Babri Masjid can/should be allowed at some distance away from Ayodhya, the Ram Janmabhoomi.

Only if  polity earlier (and even now), would have stood behind what is right and facts presented, and requested for quick delivery justice, may be Babri Demolition (illegally) wouldnt have happened, and legal solution for creation of Ram Mandir could have been sought; also unfortunate riots killing many people would also have been avoided. Anyways, its late; but I still hope course correction happens soon. Also, The possibility of riots by miscreants, should also not deter away from delivering justice based on facts, anyone indulging in riots be punished, without discrimination.

Demand for Ram Mandir also has its bearing, for being Ancient Indian Cultural Heritage. The decline of society in its value and also in its existence happens, when the history is insulted and not preserved;  Whatever be the faith; FACTS cant be ignored, and Fact remains, there was a Temple which was broken down; thus it has to be restored; and also semtiments of minority can be respected by not robbing away the structure of Babri Masjid, just at some distance, which is also suggested by Allahbad High court in its judgment.

Aakhir, AAP ho Kaun ???

A story learnt in school, when 4 blind people were asked to define elephant, everyone had their own version, based on their limited exposureelephant either to only trunk, tail, legs or tummy; but none knew what was the reality; a corollary drawn, 5th April’ 2011, came the India against Corruption (Now partly Aam Aadmi Party), where, none knew the real thingie, many got clinged to this creature, with their own assumption, expectations and definition. Some felt it was alternate solution, few others felt, now ALL politicians will work, yet another thought this move is against corrupt congress, and so on so forth. Everyone had their own specific and at times mutually exclusive reasons to join a common Annamovement. As the elephant, started walking in, slowly the robe under which it was hidden, started peeling off, which rose few questions (legitimate), but with the reply, nakedness started becoming more and more explicit, be it on terms of even corruption, or other issues related to Indian woes. Many started to dissociate from Aam Aadmi Party erstwhile ‘Indian Against Corruption’, due to lack of clarity or hyper arrogance, dipped in “holier than thou” attitude. Finally, the organizers attempted to create a referendum, where anyone even doubting IAC or its core team, were pro-corruption, such was the heightened cynicism created, which succeeded in blinding many promising youth with such bizarre nautanki of the decade. I shall not dwell much on the other issues which I have already raised time and again through twitter or blogging.

Today Aam Aadmi party is anything but to stand against corruption, and one such issue is raised, that is – communal politics played by the party, commonly known as AAP. Although the roots were long sowed in even before the creation of party, removal of Bharat MATA picture from their agitation 1st nail in coffin. then stated series of communal and anti India agenda, where Prashant Bhushan talked in lines of Kashmir separatists;  which subsequently Anna Hazare head of the then IAC had to dissociate with, Kejriwal publicly insulting the service of RSS, based on his prejudice and perception, without iota of proof, or even clarification. Prashant Bhushan goes to extent of defending Banned terrorist organization SIMI, see here

Most recently, Kejriwal wrote a separate letter wooing to Indian Muslims for upcoming Delhi election, while addressing specific community is not legally wrong, however few points raised and hoax promises made, does raises the eyebrow, as although party claiming to be of common Indians, who are focused on issues of corruption and governance; and not interested in playing religious chord, as AAP claims.

AAP letter

This is even Kumar Vishwas, sung the glory of martyrdom of sh. M C Sharma, in numerous of his events, and got rousing appreciation, but just for votes, to be taken from muslim community, the death of police officer is mocked; how petty can AAP gets, they make even Digvijay Singh look better.

Apart from routine rhetoric rant akin to narrow communal political party like MIM or CONGRESS, who considers Indian Muslim to be deft of any logical rationale, AAP exceeds the mandate of communal politics and raises the issue of Batla House Encounter and claimed it to be fakerahul-gandhi-india-cartoon encounter. When the alert social media users, questioned the premise and also demanded reasoning for such a statement, at the time when even highest judiciary claimed the encounter to be genuine. After receiving flak from social media and others at large over such statements, that insulted martyrdom of MC Sharma, who lost his life during the encounter. AAP came out with clarification, which was as stupid, that if such clarification is base of logic, even Rahul Gandhi is eligible for IQ if 258+

AAP clarification, mentions – while encounter saw death of two youth and also inspector shri Mohan Sharma, many have doubts over whether encounter was fake or not, thus we raise this topic to have detailed investigation to see whether the youth were innocent or not, and if they were indeed terrorist, why were the not caught alive, to get information about their handlers. (Translation is done by me from the letter of AAP, if any discrepancy found, kindly inform me, to get corrected). Now, clarification makes it clearer, that AAP is actually trying to have contempt of court by terming Batla House encounter as fake, which Supreme Court says is genuine.

Clarification over Batla House comment fiasco, by AAP

The matter was taken off the twitter in personal chat over SMS to senior functionary of AAP, and asked over the Batla House issue raise by its party and his personal stand on the same. While he stands committed to say, he believed encounter to be genuine, and much is read from the issue. This brings me to few specific questions to AAP

  1. While raising the issue of terrorist, why was religious angle used in the letter written to specific community? If the intent was honest, toimages find about the death, using the religion of terrorist, for that matter, even of alleged terrorist vitiates the matter.
  2. Does AAP believes, the encounter was fake, and thus martyrdom of Brave office M C Sharma is hoax? If they believe, they should say it.
  3. If as that senior functionary, AAP believes, encounter was genuine, which means M C Sharma was been shot by those youth in the encounter; so how does the killer of police officer through guns (which obviously were not legally sourced), can be innocent?

MC Sharma

When this questions were raised, the concerned AAP fellow, used not so parliamentary language, and suggested, CONG- BJP barks on such old ***** issues, but people are more interested in the corruption / price rise and governance issue.  Which leaves me with the question, amma yaar, toh re-initiated this communal topic? It was AAP in attempt to woo Indian muslims, most important to note they denigrated the community, by thinking Indian muslims will fall for them if they appease by sucking up to terrorist. Also, if AAP wants to rise above communal politics and fight on corruption and governance, where does insulting of martyr fit in their definition, Hope to get reply.