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Rituals r they burden, or means for coherent society ... Yesterday, came across an article, where an progressive lady sarpanch of 1 Indian village called for ending Mrtiyu Bhoj (feast given to relatives post death of family member) citing it acts as burden of poor people who cant afford it.   Which...

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Is the situation in India not conducive for differently-abled people? Recently, a news report said that a differently abled person complained of being embarrassed by airport authorities when she was forced to take off her prosthetic leg and pass it through the luggage scanner along with other passengers’ baggage. She...

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Need for Media Regulator To the Prime Minister of India, Subject – Request for Independent Regulator for News Media   Adarneeye Pradhan Mantriji This request is not for imposing censorship on media, but ensuring accountability, verifiable & authentic news...

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Media, System and Society The Lack of "Must be Routine", compels incompetent to LOUDLY praise even the pretentious intent of performing 'What is to be done". This urge is more to do with white-washing the in-efficiencies and NOT to find a solution to cure the rot. - is the conclusion...

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Panel Discussion:Being “Apolitical”: Is it right way for India?

Topic : Being “Apolitical”: Is it right way for India?
Jay Hind College, A Road, Churchgate, Mumbai – 400 020
Date and Time:
13Sept2011 ; Time: 4pm


The eminent speakers to discuss the burning issue are:

·         Mr. Chetan Bhagat, Well Known Author

·         Mrs. Kiron Kher, Film Actor & Social Activist

·         Mrs. Meenakshi Lekhi, BJP Mahila Morcha National Vice-President

·         Mr. AdityaRaj Kaul, Indian editor at The Indian (Australian Magazine)


Background of the Discussion:


The latest addition to our vocabulary is “Apolitical”. Other words like “Unelectable” and “Unelected” have also been bandied about but have not found wide acceptance or usage in the regular public discourse.

We really need to understand  – is it a word, a term, an ideology, an ism, a statement or an expression ? Is this an accessory or a new product ? What is its true meaning? Does it have a definite meaning as do other words if it is a word ? What are the implications if we do accept this in any of the above forms ? How does this measure up; when we compare with words such ‘Amoral’ & ‘Atheist’? Is “Apolitical” the opposite of “Political” and “Politics” or is it devoid of politics.

Do we need this ? If yes why ?

Does this pit one against the other ? Is this an oversimplification or an overkill given the current state of affairs in India ! Would this involve Indians increasingly engaging with the political process or will it make Indians more cynical about our political process and hence our Democracy. There is an urgent need to deconstruct and place this in its true perspective lest we cause any long term damage to our Democracy.

 Kindly register here: http://friendsofbjp.org/content/friends-bjp-maharashtra-organizes-panel-discussion

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