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Breaking News: Media & CONG Double Speak exposed yet again !!!

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Today’s Abhishek Manu Singhvi’s latest jibe on Social media in attempt to save himself, has actually pushed me to write this blog.


The CD  started doing rounds of Abhishek Manu Singvi enjoying his act with Certain Lady Lawyer, whose name was doing rounds to be Judge in 2010/11, however CJI. Kapadia had returned the recommendation on her name along with four other lawyers for reconsideration.

The argument doing round of privacy is so nauseating and irritating, all the more when yesterday we saw the “inventor” of dubious and farce sting operations in name of Journalism, would write over the moral ramifications of Sting expose.

Hypothetically, had CD shown AMS accepting cash for some professional favour, would Media have asked the legality of the video recording or would they have demanded for restrain, considering it is private chamber and AMS has its right to privacy? Now, supposedly instead of cash, when someone asks for sex in lieu of professional favour, suddenly Media proclaims “PRIVACY”. How hypocritical!!!

The quid pro quo is yet to be established and hence one cant out rightly blame AMS for the same but, in past Media would draw orgasmic pleasure by exposing exchange of cash if caught on camera, has media ever shown restraint until the premise of exchange is established and proven? No, it’s consider to corruption, so applying same assumption in this case, is only fair, with sources saying quid pro quo discussion is recorded needs to verified.


SPOT THE DIFFERENCE between the above picture and the one which was widely distributed having Singvi in action with his kurta UP-  The difference is NOT IN THE ACTION, BUT IN WAY OF CAPTURING THE ACT

Now going by the privacy infringement argument, even the BJP MLA (Karnataka) privacy was infringed by Camera Man by peeping in to MLA’s mobile without any authorisation, how different it is than the recording of AMS act behind closed doors? Not one media had shown any restrained or respected privacy of BJP MLA. In fact, there were hour’s long debates on the issue in almost all media channels and pages of articles in print media, where expert dished out their version of assembly morality.

The Media trial case on BJP MLA (Karnataka) was plainly on moral grounds, no legal case was involved. Heads of BJP MLA was demanded by Media, CONG and self proclaimed experts ONLY and ONLY on high moral grounds attached to assembly functioning, without once discussing that was camera men was within his rights to peep into some one’s mobile without permission. At that time the process and manner used / applied to expose BJP MLA received sanctity and security, the technology was praised to able to catch such an immoral act. The case of Gujarat MLA, has beyond doubt been proven a farce acted by stooge of Mr. Shanker Singh Vagela (CONG leader).


BJP Keeping its high moral standards, and not indulging into technical / legal aspect of the method of expose, suspended the MLA who were ACUSSED of watching porn in assembly, even when camera man had infringed privacy of BJP MLA. But BJP understood importance of high moral Standards; it acted in the right manner, Also not once the BJP has questioned the right of Camera MAN to peep in to mobile without permission. I am no legal expert, but just as Singhvi racks up the legal issue of privacy, the camera man could have been tried for infringement, ONLY if BJP’s intention were to cover u p or hush up the matter. Instead, BJP didn’t touch that matter as far as camera man helped in notifying misconduct. And BJP was right in doing so.
In case of Abhishek Manu Singhvi, he is both legally and morally culpable, legally as there is allegation of quid pro quo (needs to be proven, officially). And as far as Moral ground is concerned, Singhvi is 100000% more culpable then BJP MLA who were been caught watching porn (in the same manner AMS was caught when he was without his pants). Now it’s only wise, that the CD be sent to forensic laboratory, and get the authenticity of the CD and the possible quid pro quo arrangement. Till then on moral grounds, Singhvi has to be suspended from Rajya Sabha and all constitutional positions he is handling.

I would like to re-emphasise and sorry for it but – For beyond doubt it is proved the process and method applied in catching BJP MLA watching porn is more than similar of exposing colorful and possibly corrupt side of Singhvi .. So media and congress will do better by not bringing misleading argument of privacy infringement. And better ask CONG to act on moral grounds and then legally.


The case of sting operation and privacy trespassing is a serious issue, which we as society has to ponder over, but that should be taken  up some other time, may be after Singhvi saga, with fresh mind, for the sting operation, if used for revenge and scoring political points, will lead to unnecessary chaos, but that discussion, would be some other time, right now its only fait to solve the chaos and the case around Singhvi.

P.S – I in no manner have attempted or wished to defend the porn watching of BJP MLA. to me it has been wrong then, when caught and even now. The case only used to draw analogy and explain my case of larger culpability of Singhvi. Thanks


Fav Song  by Abhishek Manu Singhvi: It Wasnt Me – SHAGGY


CoNG and Media Discussing with Abhishek Manu Singhvi –Dheere Dheere Bol Koi Sunna Ke


19 thoughts on “Breaking News: Media & CONG Double Speak exposed yet again !!!”

  1. Well written Jaymin! Singhvi with pants down is a privacy issue! BJP MLAs watching porn is a moral and even criminal issue if A*****e Goswami is to be believed. Interesting perspective and nice comments also. Keep it up! Love whatever you write!

  2. Good article.Hope someone stings MSM honchos so that they are ‘forced to be fair and not be partial to Cong all the time.

  3. Here, the place where this act has been committed is even more important. Even if it is the chamber of the concerned lawyer in the court, he cannot indulge in adultery.

    When there are so many accusations and suspicions of favouring the lady’s elevation to judge position, I agree with the author that Mr Singhvi should be kept under suspicion till the probe is complete.

  4. Uncle Singhvi is both legally and morally culpable!

    Very well presented and like the way you explain facts and argue the case!

    Enjoyed every bit of the read and agree with you!

    Lots of regards

  5. SEX: For CONGRESS it is an obsession. For the rest of the world it is a mere fact! The obsession of CON descends from Nehru downwards and therefore, AMS could justify his despicable quirk to the virtues of the Political Party he belongs to.

    Be that as it may, what is astonishing to the point of chagrin is the outright disdain Paid Media Houses have accorded this subject which otherwise undoubtedly would have soared their TRPs to infinite. That they chose to refrain from even mentioning this subject beyond a single line foot note speaks volumes of *media ethics*, a code of conduct all media houses are bound by under normal circumstance. Here, in India, since most of the Media houses are **owned** by the very self who commits faux pas, or are lenient to the ruling power at the Centre, common man is left to know and believe what they so choose to provide with emphasize. A blatant lie becomes truth when recited a thousand times – and Media houses do just that to safeguard their favorite creditors.

    There is no more a honest and fearless Social Media in place. There are only Paid Media houses who are well nurtured and nourished by the political heavy weights and the wine drinking wealthy coterie. Hence, while these biased Media houses choose to go hand in glove with the predators themselves, for benefits untold, the common man remains helpless and devoid of facts. Is there an alternative to it; well, not when CON is at the Centre!!

    As regards to Abhishek Manu Singhvi, what can I say but smile, laugh and ridicule yet another **SOFT PORN** Film circulating on the Net and contributing itself vastly to the millions of such films already available there!! And I must say, Abhishek Manu Singhvi does well ::)) with his pants down – at 52~~~~ Hahaha!!

    He has no moral or ethical justification to continue with his various portfolios! Instead of hiding behind a cloak, the CON Party should come out, condemn the acrobatic act and redeem him of his responsibilities both within and with out the Government. The Bar Association should immediately disqualify his licence to practice law since he himself has breached it in the very chambers where highest morality was to be maintained. This goes to the lady performer too! She too should be stripped (not clothes) of her bar licence.

    On a serious note, there has to be some measure of accountability for the Media. They cannot be left to subsist with the ruse and chicanery they thrive with now. They should be accountable, responsible and impartial in their ethics. A violation of this code of conduct must be severely reprimanded without absolution regardless of whom or what they are. Unless stringent measures are not applied at the earliest, then likes of NDTV, CNNIBN, TIMESNOW, etc…and of course the various print media too, will thrive per se on a script which they deem fit the public should know. That is unpardonable and checked, earlier the better.

    I conclude with this apt adage by Malcolm Muggeridge:-

    “”Sex is the mysticism of materialism and the only possible religion in a materialistic society.””

    Jay, your fervor and passion behind this blog is appreciated and likewise, felt!! Kudos to you!

  6. Neither Congress nor BJP has acquitted itself well when it comes to financial & moral probity in public life. UPA may have had a darker track record, but NDA hasn’t been a paragon of virtues either.

    People in high offices should be expected to have very high levels of financial & moral probity. “Consenting adults”, “personal life”, “privacy” etc. are specious arguments.

    When a person has no financial & moral probity, we don’t know where all she/ he will compromise the national interest. For every 1 crore errors of omission & commission, one may come to light. Why should the onus be on the public to prove the guilty, in such a ‘difficult to prove’ situation? The onus should be on the public figures to prove themselves not guilty. If they can’t, and if they have the benefit of doubt, they may not be punished otherwise, but they must be banished from public offices for life

    It’s high time we set expectation of high standards for people in public life. And punishments for erring public servants should be VERY SEVERE, say 100 times higher, INVESTIGATED BY UNIMPEACHABLE 3RD PARTY ORGANS (LIKE LOKPAL) and MORE IMMEDIATE (investigation and judgment within set time limits, say 3 months each). Do this, and such incidents will come down drastically. We’ll start having a different breed of people in public life. This is what Jan Lokpal can come close to accomplishing.

  7. Excellent article! Very good comparison of cases and bringing out the hypocrisy of biased media. Separating milk and water !

  8. Dear Jemin,
    A great informative blog. You hit the nail with that question – instead of cash, if the bribe was sex! Yes, moral issues apart, this has serious challenges to the entire system of appointments in the judiciary now. As a common man, won’t I look at any woman judge through this prism? And think of it, he was the Chairman of the Standing committee on Lokpal. He literally “screwed” it to its doom.
    More than this is the complicity of the Media in the sordid episode. They have demonstrated amply that they just don’t have it in them to report facts. Someone who also tweeted once that “should be given fair hearing in the media” has baffled us with his right to privacy argument. Opposition also has to take its share of blame in this. It was a ripe opportunity for them to drive the final nail into the UPA coffin. Not doing it makes me wonder, if there are skeletons in their cupboard and the so called media-stars’ cupboard.
    Great job! Jemin once again and thanks for this blog.

  9. Very well written brother.. Media follows double standards, while wateva Congress does is unquestionable, not immoral but when BJP does something 1000000000000000000000 times lesser evil than wat Congress has done, the whole Media fraternity jumps into action n don the roles of Judiciary n do much mud slinging on BJP though BJP takes action.. While BJP took action within 12 hours, Congress is in no mood to take action, instead gives him protection in addition to the cover medi agives them. Shame on Abhishek Manu Singhvi who had adjudjed BJP as a supermarket of immorality, illegality and wateva..

  10. Congress party is bunch of shameless looters of India. They can go to any low level to keep them in power and loot the country. Expecting any sort of character from them is foolishness.

  11. Nice article , aptly pointing out the role of people played who actually should have been at the front front rather than allowing the social media taking up the issue Kudos Jayamin bhai …

  12. Media has shown its bias towards the Cong more than once and this is again one such case. I hope at least now the people realise that the media in India is very very biased towards the Congress party

  13. MSM was perfectly exposed by mr. ram jethmalani in rajya sabha as “sold”, the advent of radia tapes was the major dent in ppl-media relationship after rise of social media, gradually lies of media started to get repeatedly nailed by the vigilent netizens. As of this day I dont think there is anyone who blindly trusts media. among “NEWS JOCKYS” rajdeep sardesai & barkha dutt are the most hated and the lates to join this often termed “MEDIA TRAITORS” club is shekhar gupta who published the coup extravaganza even after being told by various govt sources that there was no coup attempted or thot(info via santosh bhartiya of chauthi duniya). Very often the term paid media pops up, of course on social media, and we start discussing neta-media nexus, now we have seen supposed news channels have started to cheat during “LIVE(recorded)” interviews.
    Privacy cant have multiple standards, main stream media should realise this and also the fact that now they cant lie, india is,watching very closely.
    Jai Hind

  14. “Hypothetically, had CD shown AMS accepting cash for some professional favour, would Media have asked the legality of the video recording or would they have demanded for restrain, considering it is private chamber and AMS has its right to privacy? Now, supposedly instead of cash, when someone asks for sex in lieu of professional favour, suddenly Media proclaims “PRIVACY”. How hypocritical!!!” – Awesome and valid point!! This will do!!

  15. The behavior of Mainstream media in this entire drama unpardonable, unforgivable, uncalled-for, , rude, impolite, indefensible, unwarrantable & unjustifiable.Please excuse me for using extremely harsh words for MSM……”Yeh log Maa ko Ch..d kar Baap ko saalam karne walo me se hai”…After Radiagate we are witnessing new low of Indian media

  16. कौन जाने कि हवस जिस्म से क्या क्या ले जाए।
    चोर के हाथ में संदूक की कुंजी दी है

    -जफर गोरखपुरी.

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