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My Personal Take on: Twitter, a New Trollistan ~ a mythical hype or Demonizing Reality?

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At the outset, let us have things in clear perspective with definition and understanding, this process has gained all the more importance now, because the influx of bulk narrative based on agenda or lack of conviction have in fact muddied the meaning instead of providing a better view. The comprehension of these words through well established synonym against the bile spread by vested interest will help a wee bit better to have a better look to the a topic currently discussed.

Social Media (particularly, twitter) – a platform to network, share and exchange ideas, opinion, information and news.

Troll – In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. – Definition as borrowed from Wikipedia.

 Sampling in statistics – In statistics and survey methodology, sampling is concerned with the selection of a subset of individuals from within a population to estimate characteristics of the whole population. The sample should be appropriate and fair representation of the general population.

(The sampling should not represent ONLY a certain section of population, else the result derived by the statistical and analytical process will be faulty, even if the process in calculation is duly followed)

 HomogeneityHomogeneity is the state of being homogeneous. Pertaining to the sciences, it is a substance where all the constituents are of the same nature; consisting of similar parts, or of elements of the like nature.

(The homogeneity ignores the existence of well established diversity within the group and thereby destroys the alternate value system recognition)

 Ambiguity – ambiguity of information, in words, pictures, or other media, is the ability to express more than one interpretation. It is generally contrasted with vagueness, in that specific and distinct interpretations are permitted (although some may not be immediately apparent), whereas with information that is vague it is difficult to form any interpretation at the desired level of specificity.

In the backdrop of the above definitions, when the narratives of victimhood is read and re-read that are written by a certain section, the biased and skewed opinion with agenda of writers to malign the alternative idea is exposed naked. The concentrated effort to demean the alternative idea and thoughts has reached to the level of such a cynicism that fringe issue is magnified and issue that never existed is dramatized and the real issue is stuffed under heavy woolen carpet and  thus never been discussed or given deserved importance. While I fully empathize with the victims (across the board) who are subjected to the abuse for voicing their idea’s or opinions and also debunk the “theory of provocation as a justification to abuse”, I also emphazisingly reject the argument presented by pseudo sympathizers of these victims or victims themselves that abusers belong ONLY to certain ideology or are organized paid servants of certain well respected political leader and/or party. I empathize with all those who are subject to crass tweeple, but the empathy ends where the victims selects hyporcisy over truth. And yet my objection over abusive troll continues … No matter what this crying howlers do or thinks

No one Denies, or defend the presence of abusive fringe, in fact abuses has to be discouraged and not be supported et al (be it from any side / any one), but to castigate these abusive fringe ONLY to a certain ideology, political party and not having a bird eye view while doing analysis of the real rot in existence is nothing but a result of crass though process.

It is this very FILTHY mindset who vouch for the statement – “Terrorism has NO religion and NO Color, but there is HINDU and SAFFRON terrorism” … Either terrorism has no color, and thus no saffron terrorism, or these victim celebrity should shed hypocrisy and profess presence of GREEN Terror, Red Terror, and yellow, violet or whatever. The existence of fringe in every sphere is well known, but by no means, their actions have to be accepted or tolerated. However using them to spew venom on alternate idea is in itself an abuse, without using abusive words. The abuse from either side has to be reduced, and abuse from one side also doesn’t justify abuse from other. The abuser is generally an individual, and not a ideology, a fact which is to be grilled in these victims.

The concentrated effort of painting an entire alternate idea process as abusive trollers or nazi storm troopers by simply based on certain fringe that abuse exposes lacuna of thinking cells in their brains filled with toxic hatred against anything that doesn’t comply with their thought process. One of the excuse used by the pseudo liberals, that invitation to nrrate victimhood was welcomed across board, but only pro-left or anti-right, (simply put anti of certain specific Chief Minister of specific political party) came forward with their victimhood at the hand of abusive trolls. Here it’s imperative to stress upon that not stating victimhood by the pro-right people, does not absolve the presence of excesses & abuses spread by other side and hence self claimed analyst is required to keep their eyes open and the least do some kind of research, rather than choosing favorable skewed sample set and rush to write a bile narrative against idea which is uncomfortable to the writers of these articles. The people who are been abused and yet not cry foul or have tears of being victimized, are mostly those who understands the meaning fringe and their existence, thereby not crying wolf of left boogey being abusive troll, which is successfully used by anti-right who cant phantom that they are and can be challenged.

It has been fashionable to dress the hatred in a presentable manner, a word “Internet Hindu” was inculcated, and since then any idea (backed by strong logic / evidence) has been constantly painted as IH aggressive thoughts, creating a safe passage by using label as troll to the opposite idea. The pro-right or believer conservative policies are no homogenous group as being portrayed. The anti pseudo liberals come out with strong conviction and self belief, few have successfully challenged the narratives spread by these pseudo seculars on various aspects, ranging from politics to culture to humanitarian values. These pro-right or mostly anti-Current central government establishment have made their presence felt by hitting the correct notes, by exposing lies of 2002 Gujarat riots, (supposedly) paid and biased vendetta attitude of certain section of media, where they are complicit with the certain age old political party and cover up their scams/sins or attempt to dilute the intensity of it. At every stage the lies of the neo-pseudo liberals and seculars are not only been challenged but successfully debunked. This arrogant bunch no longer enjoys the liberty of being non interactive or being unaccountable / non answerable to his/her reader. The social media has created a platform of interaction, where a reader can successfully challenge the opinions of self claimed elite group, but also forces them to accept their gaffe and also improvise. The level playing game is not liked by this arrogant bunch, who considers themselves to be above spectrum of scrutiny and belongs to sphere, where their words be considered as gospel truth and should go un challenged, which is not the case anymore and hence, very childish attempt is been made to paint any adverse challenging idea as abusive troll and get rid of being accountable. Also let me put it straight few of tweeple who are anti right are actually been exposed to abuse which is crass, and is not supported by any thinking person, which are there in both left think and rightly right thinking group or even centrist.

There are many, examples of abusive trolls who are self claimed supporters of CONGRESS and also are anti-right or self claimed liberals / seculars, but since I am not in race to prove my point by number of abuses written by the pro-CONGRESS, I would only attach one example. As the reader from both sides very well know the existence of fringe rancid brain cells on either and in every sphere. Also It would be petty, to counter by stating one side has X no’s of abuses while other side has Y no’s of abuses as my submission is existence of pettiness on either side and being ostrich by having head in the mud will not change the facts, hence before castigating any one and having general opinion it is imperative to have 360* of verification.


I would just end by saying it’s important for analyst to shed hypocrisy and biased mindset, analyst have to be open minded before stamping their views as opinions. As against, the abuse eradicates the fineness and edge in discussing the ideas, however its presence everywhere in fringe and any sane thinking person would not use this ambiguity to enforce their “holy than thou” attitude. It needs strength to own up to idea’s adverse to self, and not to squash by labeling as trolls, just to evade the possibility of debate and getting expose of pettiness of self. Distinction as a word is very nice word and gains very high importance, when it is applied in correct manner instead of homogeneity. Lastly, I re emphasize, I am not submitting that neo bunch who cried that they are victims of being abused are liars (they are been subject to abuse, at least few for sure) but I would consider the commentators on this victim hood who label all right thinkers as abusive, as one who suffers from intentional selective amnesia or poor bird eye view or they are comfortable in their own zone with pathetically stupid research done. Also, there is need to understand between the write-ups which are – self experienced (which doesn’t warranty or require holistic view, only if personal experience is not used to push generalist view) and general opinion creation. This has been my personal take, where i have tried to expose the shallowness of so called victims, who are never vocal about abusive tweeple who belong to their comfort zone of ideology of belief or share common hatred. Its equally sad that these victims also seldom acknowledges that the people who stood against  abusive tweeple, and conveniently are been labeled as ambiguous / homogenous abusive troll, merely because they profess alternative belief with conviction. I just hope these bunch stands tall and accepts reality in total and selective comfort.  Lastly would like to say abusive tweeple frm either side will face their natural death, if matured tweeple show their sanity and maturity to ignore this trolls, and cointering them individual and not giving importance more than they deserved by labeling them with wider canvas of being associated with party or political personality. Leave this abusive tweeple, and they will die for the lack of attention, by ignoring i dont suggest tolerate, but handle them individually instead of being ambiguous in your attack.

P.S: I hold no holier than thou attitude, there has been instance where non-decent words, phrase have been used by me at personal level, most times i regret and at very few incidence, i don’t. I emphatise with all those who cry victims of being abused, but empathy ends when their hypocrisy starts

9 thoughts on “My Personal Take on: Twitter, a New Trollistan ~ a mythical hype or Demonizing Reality?”

  1. Jaymin, am shocked at the tweets by @congressan and again aimed at @archer_2011. These are the real trolls not people like us who debate in a decent way on Twitter. The media will no doubt be silent on these attacks! But what can one expect from a sold out #ChorMedia.

  2. Nice article. The day will come when Social media will be the dominant media and it will the strongest pillar of democracy.

  3. skimmed through as i like the subject. skipped through heavy words bt understood the point. keep tweeting this everyday to those victims as an answer.

  4. thanks for clarity,Iwish some of the established names in ” So called Secular Journalist ” read it,you have really exposed them

  5. Jay, a very exhaustive take on the subject indeed. It is very well laid out and you have put your thoughts to pen wonderfully.

    Now, this Troll subject, has been narrated by several eminent bloggers in their own style and perspective, giving it a sudden thrust of importance which otherwise wouldn’t. I reckon, with the advent of Social Media, the prolific involvement of an otherwise nonchalant group of people, knitting and stitching their set of ideas and ideologies in an emphatic manner, sometimes crude, sometimes refined and at other times unabashed, took by surprise and storm that space hitherto dominated by a set few intellectuals. These intellectuals has set forth certain norms, certain standards that perhaps suited their inflexible anticipation and anxiety that could not be disturbed. The Social Media brought about an incisive change to this set parameters and to me, shook the established foundation so severely that it invited only antagonism, hatred, competitiveness and a fear for challenge.

    Thus Trolls was established. Anything or anybody that questioned this rigid space were not only bracketed as intellectually and culturally deviated, but alas, also right wing fundamentalists. Thus, apart from its intended Wiki or Dictionary prescribed meaning, Troll got elevated to a right wing fanatic ideology and its denizens automatically became called Trolls!

    What is indeed curious to note is that Trolls got vastly associated to yet another caption *Internet Hindus* – whatever that implied. But it stood to stay for whatever may be the reasons. A large amount of netizens are Hindus and any wicked attack at their sentiment obviously would have brought back requital according to its merits. To castigate a rebut to that being a *Right Wing Hindu* retaliation is mere fantasy. Nevertheless, the left liberals and some centrist liberals too have concluded themselves that Internet Hindus means a right wing group of fanatic Hindus who are untouchable and conceptualized as the result of class conflict. These sycophant liberals suggests that the Internet Hindus belong to a lower class or segment that has its own set of goals and values and that these differ from the norms established (by themselves) of other social groups like Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, Blogs, Op Eds so on and so forth.

    That the established norms, hitherto set as parameters of nobility for social groups, went for a toss with the intellectual occupation of a class of people who wrote, thought, qualified, quantified and communicated beyond their comprehension became unbearable. While they have had to succumb to this new breed of intellectuals called Internet Hindus, they find themselves groping in the dark in search of some light that might help them compromise and compound with the Internet Hindus.

    All I can say is – you guys / gals are most welcome!

    An excellent take, Jay. Hats off to you. 🙂

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