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Rituals r they burden, or means for coherent society ... Yesterday, came across an article, where an progressive lady sarpanch of 1 Indian village called for ending Mrtiyu Bhoj (feast given to relatives post death of family member) citing it acts as burden of poor people who cant afford it.   Which...

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Demonetizaton – Disruption in Economics!! The business transactions in India, be it large corporate or small retail – household transactions, has undergone a see change since 8th Nov’ 2016, when elected government of India, took a disruptive decision of demonetization, where currency notes...

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Is the situation in India not conducive for differently-abled people? Recently, a news report said that a differently abled person complained of being embarrassed by airport authorities when she was forced to take off her prosthetic leg and pass it through the luggage scanner along with other passengers’ baggage. She...

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Need for Media Regulator To the Prime Minister of India, Subject – Request for Independent Regulator for News Media   Adarneeye Pradhan Mantriji This request is not for imposing censorship on media, but ensuring accountability, verifiable & authentic news...

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Media, System and Society The Lack of "Must be Routine", compels incompetent to LOUDLY praise even the pretentious intent of performing 'What is to be done". This urge is more to do with white-washing the in-efficiencies and NOT to find a solution to cure the rot. - is the conclusion...

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Comparisson Worth Noticing

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Effectiveness of the medium is always dependent on the user, and not on beneficiary or the medium in itself. Best of the Gun can’t aim the target in hand of novice and even boomerang can hit the target with precision by a trained shooter. Rough transition to above quote can be seen by Comparing growth story of India with Growth story of its sub-set Gujarat, with a view from an INDIAN who has not lived in Gujarat for all this years in Gujarat.

Two phases almost initiated at almost similar time is been considered; a. 2004 – 2012, ManMohan Singh led UPA government as CENTRE and 2. Narendra Modi led state government of Gujarat (sub – set of India).

Early in 2004, two incidents took place in same context and both were shocking – a. The strategy of early election by NDA backfired; paving way for CONGRESS led government and b. Selection (and not election) of ManMohan Singh as Prime Minister of INDIA.
UPA came to power, and was lucky enough to be suitably placed with high growth engine cushion provided by Atal Bihari Vajpayee led NDA government, and top of it, ManMohan Singh who was perceived to be the HERO of middle-class, for the 1991 liberalization act, (which was considered to be his creation but he was rarely seen as politician but the fact remains he followed order of the then PM – PV Narsimha Rao), and thus there was High hope of deliverance with practically not high expectation from non polity entity.Now let’s look at the second scenario , In 2001, to avoid possible loss of BJP bastion – Gujarat, due to well spread perception (not entirely) about mismanaged and corruption laden rule of Keshubhai Patel; the Top brass of BJP brought certain ex-RSS pracharak, known for his organizational skills with in BJP and RSS only – Narendra Modi.
In both the above events, There was little expectation in political sense from the chosen leaders ; however, Manmohan Singh was better placed as for perceived track record of liberalisation, while Narendra Modi was not well known in political or economic scenario, mostly untested.
While initial years of ManMohan Singh were relatively easy; mostly courtesy to the foundation of high growth laid down by NDA government; on the other hand the BJP government at state of Gujarat received mega shocks in the initial years in the form highly destructive earthquake and godhra train burning ghastly incident, which unfolded with repulsive brutality and turned into communal riot and paving way for high temper runs due to it, which affected state heavily on economic terms.In ideal scenario, India as economy should have been quadrupled due to growth engines were under control of architect of Modern Indian liberalization (as economic architecture was at helm of power). While, the state already losing ground coupled with two dreadful events and economy in hands of non-tested politician; should have gone to zilch.However, over the period of time, what world noticed and also witnessed was completely different, although the initial years of Indian economy could sustained its foundation laid in pre 2004 period, but was soon on its way to get eroded (the global downturn started at the end of 2007 and early 2008) even though the control of Indian economy was in hands of well acclaimed Economist, ManMohan Singh; Not only India faced troubles economically, but India witnessed Manmohan Singh failing miserably at political and diplomatic level.

 On the other hand despite, two early shocks and unfavorable central government for majority of its tenure, the state ofGujarat flourished under the able governance of chief minister, Narendra Modi. The growth was noticed not only in statistical figures, but even by diplomatic tie-ups of the countries with Gujarat state. The state was able to showcase tangible difference, and growth in infrastructure – be it roads or power or agriculture.This aspect of comparison is generally missed even while comparison of India as a country with Gujarat as a state is on rampage across any political / economy debate pertaining to India happens. Not with the picture perfect similarity, but almost during resembling tenure and faintly correlating effects of different events; but the result on India and Gujarat are completely at extremes. The details and statistics is intentionally kept at bay in this opening remark, while setting the platform for discussion. 

The main point remains, ManMohan Singh started the race, with factors favorable to him, and yet he was miserable disappointment on the other hand Narendra Modi was laden with heavy backlog and initial years disater; yet he covered the race miles ahead











P.s – the pictures taken from google image || Outlook article || blog post of Kim Aivery; Dick Mac || n other news post

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