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Hoity-Toity Journalist posing to be Holier than Thou

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Today, the shortest way to claim the fame (though highly undeserved) in the current Indian scenario is to blame and abuse BJP state government of Gujarat by raising issue of 2002 riots and ignoring world class development there. None of the leftist follower or Media journalists, and not even few self claimed liberals have been left untouched from this self destructive addiction. The nearest analogy, which can relate to this urge for fame (also known as ASS – Attention Seeking Syndrome) is that of few wannabe Hindi Cinema actress and female models, who would announce their act of stripping at “speed of drop of Hat” for even most inconsequential events, just to claim attention and publicity. Similarly these leftist and few self claimed liberals are ever so desperate to garner cheap publicity by act of stripping naked to self and expose their filthy mindset under garb of pretentious secular / liberal image, ONLY to abuse and malign Mr. Narendra Modi (A chief minister of Gujarat State in India), who has attracted laurels for his governments work and achievements, not only in domestic circle among voters but even at international arena.

 Until 5th July’ 2012, any remote interjection by right wing sympathizer to compare 2002 riots to ghastly state sponsored pogrom of 1984, was considered distasteful and taboo, to such an extent that a journalist or anchor would squirt and scream on the speaker (Complete agreement, that no two riots can be / should be compared).

However, post 6th July, the news started floating about the ghastly violence in state of Asom, where the clash is between illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and local inhabitant Indian Assamese. The Main Stream Media first tried to block the news, but upon meeting the failure due to timely expose by Alternate media, the section of media and few journalist started assisting Asom State government and Central government (both CONGRESS), to downplay the incident as routine minor clash, then named it as communal clash, safely evading the acknowledgement of clash between Indians and foreigners on Indian land.

The media which is fourth pillar of democracy, has a very important role in current stage to assist Indian society which is trying hard to come out of the deep mess where India finds itself into, courtesy central government of last 8 years. But it is deeply disturbing to see the few journalists, who claims and also poses to be liberal, gets into these cheap activities of giving callous remark and then publicly defending it, merely for their personal vendetta or ideological compulsion and which are devoid of any truth or not even remotely close to facts. These pathetic breed doesn’t even take a nano second to change the stand or belief, when it is convenient for them to attack someone whom they dislike. The media which has to act on foresight and also on experience, to provide corrects news and information to the society, has often given priority to personal bias which takes over the professional ethics of this sect of self-claimed liberal journalists.

The same breed of journalist and political analyst along with self claimed experts, who considered it is unfortunate to compare the two riots (2002 Gujarat riots v/s 1984 state sponsored pogrom), are ever so eager to compare Asom violence with Gujarat riots. While the facade of not equating two riots earlier and now the eagerness to compare the riots by leftist and section of media, has common agenda which is to save CONGRESS from getting exposed for its role in riots.

After few acclaimed journalist who are pretty well known for their biased stance which can be generally categorized as anti-Indian, there is entry of hoity-toity Madhu Trehan, a self-claimed liberal (with questionable authenticity of claim) in the frame. The organization of Ms. Trehan, News Laundry, which claims sabki dhulai, and also to be unbiased to all, makes a very callous comment on Social-Media platform “Twitter” of comparing two riots – Asom and Gujarat. Not surprisingly, when active twitteraties raised the objection, Ms. Trehan scuttled the issue by claiming of airing her views on 1984, confused on no-relation? Don’t be, a normal technique applied by self claimed liberals to run away from the logical debates and to avoid acknowledgement of goof up.

The writer also raised few questions, like

  1. If comparing 2002 riots with 1984 is distasteful (agreed) then how come comparison between Assam violence and Gujarat riots is not allowed by you under your organization’s handle but also defended by you in your personal capacity?
  2. Do you or your organization have any proof to back up the underline comments that victims of riots in Gujarat were left helpless to suffer by then state government? || kindly provide proof and not concocted statement from the cottage industry that has vested interest to malign Narendra Modi.
  3. Does the riot in Gujarat takes away right from BJP to raise issue of Asom victims? In that case, do you profess, that you believe a alleged person or organization can’t raise up issue of national importance, which falls in line of similar allegation?
    1. Do you hold this same belief even for your professional fraternity?

    Initially, I was told to wait, as pompous madam is busy is some meeting, after which she will answer, as said by her in her previous tweet, which is been uploaded below.

However, later on What I received was insinuation and as expected Ms. Trehan felt it is below her hollow status to reply with underlying attempt to label me as a troller (offensive word) under garb of suggesting #BashMadhuSlugFest

when the issue was pursued she again tried to dodge the question by non related answers and narrating some shloka from Upanishada, not leaving the opportunity to expose her pompous and arrogant behavior in the reply.

However, not to be left out or demoralized by hoity-toity act of Ms. Trehan, I went on to do my own research, to find if there is some underlying truth in the pathetically ridiculous comment supported by Ms. Trehan. What I found was astonishing, the state government of Gujarat under leadership of newly elected Chief minister at that time provided all the possible and necessary help to the victims, which were also acknowledged by current Central government, Congress, which considers Modi to be their biggest rival and leaves no opportunity to malign Modi, at times even by using lies and false propaganda.

Minister of State – Home Affairs, Sriprakash Jaiswal in 2005 on the floor of parliament while responding in relation to role of state government of Gujarat in relief management of victims of 2002 riots, said relief was also extended by the state government to the victims of the riots under the heads of cash doles and assistance for household kits, foodgrains to Below Poverty Line (BPL) families in affected areas, housing assistance, rebuilding earning assets, rehabilitation of small business, assistance to indusries/shop and hotel and so on. The state government, he said has informed that a total of Rs 204.62 crore has been incurred by it towards relief and rehabilitation measures


The then President of India Dr. APJ Kalam, also praised the work done at relief camp under leadership of Mr. Modi. There were “complimentary observations” made by the then President, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, on the Modi government’s “enthusiastic” cooperation to him when he travelled to Gujarat for a firsthand assessment of the post-riot situation in 2002, which were ignored by media. As quoted Dr. Kalam in his books – “Turning Points”. he said, ““Many apprehensions were expressed, among them that my visit might be boycotted by the Chief Minister, that I would receive a cold reception and that there would be agitations from many sides. But, to my great surprise when I landed at Gandhinagar, not only the Chief Minister, but his whole Cabinet colleagues and a large number of legislative members and administrators including the public were present at the airport. I visited twelve areas — three relief camps and nine riot-hit locations where losses were high. Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister, was with me throughout the visit. In one way, this helped me, wherever I went, the type of petitions and complaints and as he was with me I was able to suggest to him that actions be taken as quickly as possible.”


The then state government of Gujarat under leadership of Mr. Modi, not only did the exemplary work in relief management, but was also active and proactive in curbing the riots. Not only did the Gujarat Government do all this, the police also arrested 35,552 people as of 28 April 2002, out of which 27,901 were Hindus. Around 20,000 people were arrested as a preventive measure. No Islamic country (or our own country in Kashmir in 1990) or other mass murderers like Saddam Hussain, Hitler ever carried out preventive arrests to save the victims. And already nearly 200 people have been convicted for rioting- the highest ever in Gujarat.


While, I am pretty confident that neither Ms. Trehan nor News Laundry had any proof except their delusion and presumption against BJP or Narendra Modi while writing and defending that obnoxious comment, after this write up, they might well burn midnight oil to dig out some concocted statements mentioned here and there as statements of victims to prove their point is right, that is if they chose to reply, by not acting in the natural way of being supercilious. But let me most humbly submit, that no one is claiming that all the victims would have been satisfied, there may be few genuine aberrations, or possibility of puppet created by cottage industry just like of prime witness in best Bakery case was created by Teesta Setalwad, (Chairman of Cottage Industry).

In all,  the fact remains the same, that no two riots can ever be compared, what can be compared among riot is – A.) The relief management between two riots, as none of the riots can be preemptively stopped, by any government, but what can be restrained, is fueling of riots and subsequently, providing relief to victims and B.)  The way riot was restrained from being fueled. In case of 1984 state sponsored pogrom and 2002 Gujarat riots and based upon the above criteria, Gujarat government showed exemplary management, unlike the then Central and Delhi state government of 1984, which not only is convincingly alleged to have sponsored the pogrom but also delayed the relief activities to victims exposing their insensitive nature of CONGRESS.

While 2002 riots provided cottage industry of riots in Gujarat, which was run by few so called humanitarians, who can be labeled nothing less than terrorists, they exploited pain of victims to further the cause of their political masters; While the 2012 Asom riots, have given rise to opportunist in the likes of Mr. A. Owaisi, dripped in communalism who are exploiting riots to further their divisive policy based on religion. Unfortunately such Member of Parliament, who threatens India as a whole of radicalization, is the political ally of Central Government, CONGRESS. And not to be surprised, the section of media is either silent or okay with such utterance of communal rabid canine, under the garb of being Member of Parliament. Media will do a huge service is exposing such mindset among ruling class and thereby make an attempt to save India from division on communal lines. I request to that particular section of media to shed their personal vendetta and expose such cannine, even he happens to be ally of political party, whom you like for reasons, unknown.

Now coming back to Asom violence and role of government, the Congress has still neither been able to acknowledge the real problem of Asom riots, i.e. illegal immigrants; nor able to stop their own political ally Member of Parliament Mr. A. Owaisi from communalizing the riots and threatening nation. Thus it baffles me the ignorance of Madhu in haste to compare the riots, even if she claims she was comparing relief management (comparison is acceptable) as the comparison is nothing but comparing chalk and cheese and that at cost of ignoring threats to national security.

At the End, I can only suggest to arrogant Ms. Trehan that while as a citizen ofFree and Democratic India, she has all the right to hate someone or even taunt, no one can encroach her right, not even me. But it is common courtesy and journalistic ethics to support her claim or statement with relevant proof and that too in time, not that after objection is raised, an assistant is made to do the research in futile attempt to save already auctioned credible image as unbiased journalist.

Thank You

31 thoughts on “Hoity-Toity Journalist posing to be Holier than Thou”

  1. All I can say is, hey Jay Super compilation of facts and reasoning!

    God help us, if otherwise.

    A well written researched, fantastic piece of facts that the kinds of many current journos could well use to expand their wisdom.

  2. Jay, a repertoire par excellence!

    Madhu Trehan had some ethical dignity left in her and I did respect her for that until recently when I witnessed a TV debate on Times Now where she was obdurate more and rational less. The fundamental point to muse is not the pseudo secular and bigoted opinion coming out of Media houses. It is the marketing of this idea that needs to be introspected.

    Gujarat riots was just one amongst the countless riots that took place in India pre and post Independence. There were far more gruesome communal as well as gruesomely perverted riots that has taken place in the reason past. To weigh which one is bigger or successful than the other is an argument incognito. It is more to divert attention from the least preferred of them. Here, in this pseudo secular era of technological predominance, Gujarat riots finds itself in the forefront, and being a salable commodity, a business, a survival technique and a job in a jobless market for many, there are plenty takers, Madhu too joining this band wagon of losers.

    Fact of the matter is that it is not the riot as such that instigates the partial approach of the pseudo-secularists to a riot, it is what gains can be nurtured out of it. With a political opponent governing the Centre, with Media houses literally selling their ethics, with NGOs fervently minting financial gains, with the subdued middle class circumspect of impartial analysis and with a wine drinking elite who prefer their languid evenings to gossip, truth will definitely remain distorted.

    Comparison of riots should not be made – period. Hence, I too choose to not compare Gujarat riots to any other more draconian events that has marred our history and is continuing to do so until recently. Instead of socio-political instigations being propagated an impartial approach to an immediate relief to the affected areas should be the predominant priority. Alas, that does not happen so because of the communal political legacy and parochial vote bank agenda the Congress party cultivates, manures and reaps to its favor.

    All I can say is, hey Nation, before your territory gets invaded by a faith that is barbaric and alien to you, before your conscience gets defeated by a dogma that enslaves you, before your existence perishes by the systematic overpowering of a doctrine that overwhelms you; AWAKE from your slumber. The Madhu Trehans are only a conduit to that inevitable DESTRUCTION that awaits you in the near future if you don’t chose to address it – and address it with equal vigor and vitality.

    God help us, if otherwise.

    Meanwhile, Jay, a fantastic piece of well researched facts that the kinds of Trehans could well use to expand their wisdom.

    Thank you!!!

  3. Thanks for exposing Madhu Trehan. I Immensely liked your story. Its obvious. She is desperate for attention. Just Ignore her.

  4. Dear Jaymin,

    Brilliant job… Such self-proclaimed “moral-God’s/Goddess’s” of Madhu Trehan types need to be shown such mirrors time & again…
    They simply have sold their souls out.

    Such morality preachers think they have every right to abuse other by calling them trolls, by abusing the wisdom of supporters of BRD, etc., etc., but when questions are raised on their conduct, they get offensive though unconvincingly.

  5. Dear Jaymin,

    As a Bhartiy Gujarati, I am getting fed up of this media hypocrisy.

    For me, Gujarat 2002 riots would have never happened, if Sabarmati Express was not burned at Godhra Railway Station.

    Last years, Court verdict in the case, convicted 7 Congress Party members.

    Knowing how micro-managed Congress is, I am convinced that this dastardly act was a carefully planned move by the party to engulf a communally sensitive Gujarat into a tizzy. And they succeeded.

    Has media ever discussed this? NEVER

    Teesta Setalvad’s statement to the media “Train burning is regrettable, but look at the provocation” she said this on the very day it happened, when nobody had any clue why the train was burnt!!!

    Further, Congress workers actively participated in the riots, here’s a link to an article from 2003:


    Media never brings this out.

    On social media people get shocked, whenever, I send them above link.

    Further, as a Bhartiy Gujarati, I want the TV media to be booked for inflaming more passions during 2002 riots. Areas, were peace had returned, were reported as burning and people getting murdered. This caused enormous agony to Gujarati’s spread out across the globe as they were worried for their near and dear ones.

    I am proud of the BJP government at the Centre (till 2004) and in Gujarat to have allowed a free and fair investigations into the riots case. Fact, that 4,975 cases have been filed and verdicts are coming out now, goes to show the sincerity of the BJP towards Justice.

    Verdicts would have come out much much earlier, only if Congress backed Teesta had not delayed them by filing baseless suits with the SC.

    Desi Media is as evil as the Congress Party.

    They will be defeated by the people.


  6. Good work. This #PaidMedia needs to be shown it’s place. Bashing any thing Hindu is their birth right it seems. Riots in Kerala & WB go unnoticed. The cause of Gujarat Riots is never mentioned. There are no riots after 2002 in Gujarat is never acknowledged. Main Stream Media seems to have a political agenda. You have given a befitting reply, keep it up.

  7. Research and Hard work has no substitute, Once again done fantastic R&D Jemin Bhai. As far as MSM they are prejudiced, what ever logical argument you put they have baseless counter argument. Since they have power to be heard among more people then us, they are on superior side. Hope Social Networking platform like Twitter will clean them one by one.

    My Sincere Regards

  8. Dear Jaymin,
    At outset, a very clear-cut & revealing writing. I must thank wonderful people here on Twitter including you who have been so much informative for me to realize the real face & agenda behind pseudo-journalism & hypocritical journalism.
    These wonderful people on twitter have made me realize that how stupid I was when I used to praise a lot of journalist like anything. But, Twitter, some study of politics, culture, India History, study of political alignment (Left-Right) has been real eye-opener. The most significant have been critical analysis of hate Modi campaign by Delhi media & Radia Tapes. However, Madhu Trehan has been exceptional till yesterday and she seemed to be on the balance. After, having seen & read a lot of material on Newslaundry, I knew that Madhu also has some strong views against 2002 but was ignorable.
    However, yesterday was the day finally the real Madhu was before all of us, so does she is exposed. I am still hoping that Madhu reads & responds to your blog.
    I have heard a debate where she said, 1984 did not / does not get attention compared to 2002, because in 1984 there was no TV news channel. However, 2002 was first televised riot in Indian history, and thus it is news even after 10 years.
    How silly this logic is? Is journalism defined on to TV news channel? What has stopped journalist to use journalism to make perpetrator of 1984 accountable. Rather they ensured that 1984 is forgotten and that why an attempt to keep 2002 alive to overshadow 1984.
    With her Televised Riot logic, why not I should compare her with Mr. Rajdeep Silly Desai who mentioned logistic problem & less number of deaths as a reason for not covering Assom riots recently.
    Like most of MSM, I don’t expect her to compare 1984 & 2002, in terms of pre-riot, during riot (Reason, deaths, etc) & post-riot (rehabilitation, conviction, justice, etc) because they will face embarrassment.
    Yesterday, I saw her joining hands with Suhel Seth and Twitter fest yesterday with Madhu & Tweeple. Having gone through the tweet-fest, I stand corrected and I look upon people like you.
    Suhel Seth- A celebrity TV news studio hopper who blocks every one twitter who have asked him a sensible question, frequently calls parliamentarians a Joker, abuses personalities on Twitter (ITC chairman), and abuses all non-congress chief ministers ( Ms. Mayawati key target)
    Journalist should understand that young India empowered with social media, the hypocritical journalism is not going to work and history is much more easily available for scrutiny of hypocritical journalism.
    Though I am against abuse, personal attack & bringing family members during discussion on twitter, I sometimes feel that good number of journalist are doing the same (directly & indirectly by allowing platform ) when it come to certain leaders (NaMo being prime target) & political party.
    Good that you have things in perspective and all the best for the write-up. Please carry on this great job & looking forward to much more.
    Gunjan Kumar

  9. Very well said, i feel all these people will have no relevance once BJP comes back to power. I just wrote this to some so called bjp supporters who are more happy to fight than to bring them in power.

    Aise hi Ladte raho BJP supporters.
    You deserve no better than congress.
    Kisi ko sirf Modi chaiye (mujhe bhi chaiye, BJP best in 2014)
    Kisi ko advani,sushma,Jaitley ka istifa chaiye
    Kisi ko or aggression chaiye…
    Kisi ko or halla chaiye…
    Kisi ko bas Gaaliya dena hai BJP leaders ko kueki unke dil ko sukun milta hai..
    Congress fir wapas ayegi, hum or pages or groups banayenge, agle 5 saal yahi silsila chalega or hum bas aise hi gaaliya dete rahenge.

    In sab me aap ye bhool rahe hai ki desh ko aap ek aise nark me dhakka de rahe jaha se na to wapas aa sakte hai or na hi jee sakte hai. Great going , lets change all the group names as “I support Congress”, Because jab bjp me itni kamiya hai to fir support kaahe ka.

    Koi party leaders ki wajah majboot nahi hoti, majboot party leaders paida karti hai, vote power se majboot hoti hai party, congress ke paas kaun se mass leaders hai ? magar fir bhi unko sath dene ke lie unke supporters hai jo vote dete hai, bjp ke supporters vote se jyada gaaliya dete hai.

    CONGRESS fir wapas ayegi fir hum or ladenge, jo log kehte hai ki leaders aapas me lad rahe hai.. waise hi jaise supporters unke, waise hi leaders. Aapas me ladne me shan hai magar ik dusre ka sath dekar Sangathan ko majboot koi nahi karega koi.

    The solution to all this is Modi, he will connect all dots if nominated as PM. Hope BJP realised it.

    SHABBASH !!!!

  10. Excellently written once again. The silver lining of this is that we now know all the media journos who are Anit-Modi and Anti-Rights. Not an iota of logic, proof to substantiate their allegations. This clearly means that they are engaged full time in discreaditing the RIGHTIST and spread false information to the masses.

  11. Dear Jaymin,

    your 3) point in ‘questions raised’ is superb. By the same logic of theirs, then Congress too looses right to talk abt Guj riots after the 1984 riots which Congis did it knowingly.

  12. Excellent piece of work Jaymin!
    Every facts is well backed by news published by same section of media.
    I hope Madhu will read ur blog n introspect…
    Keep up!!!

  13. Great job Jaymin bhai, The so called INTERNET HINDUS term being used to label people showing dissent and suppress their voice is the new strategy corrupt media is using. They are failing certainly and we need rebuttals like this to make them realise they cannot get away anymore.

  14. Jaymin Sir. Superbly researched blog and well collated data to expose hoity-toity journalist. The ASS always makes an ass of itself. And this one no different. Awaiting many more exposes. This self proclaimed, 4th pillar (media) is a rotting pillar of a rotten democracy. Will have to wait out till it decays & dries up to burn it down fully.

  15. Godhra happened with 48 hours of new CM of Gujarat taking oath. It was a pre-planned act of terror by political detractors to have 2 of the following impact

    1. Hindu retaliation which will show the BJP govt led by RSS man Narendra Modi in bad light.

    2. No reaction from Hindus which will show BJP and RSS in bad light for not supporting the Hindu cause

    In case of Assam Congress has been aiding and abetting infiltration of illegal Bangladeshi muslims for political gain as BJP can swing votes their way with Assamese have strong Hindu roots. Assam was a powder keg and Congress govt in power for many years had turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the situation. There is no comparison and those journos who make comparison either dont know what they are talking of or plainly doing a hit job on BJP.

  16. Shabaash Mere Shere..again a great written article BLOWING APART the fake Journo MAdhu whose blinkered Vision is getting as bad as Ghose and BDUTTS

  17. Superb Job! Jaymin Bhai. They may have their clout anywhere, but ignoring or letting them get away with all that nonsense would only resort to such below the belt tactics even more. Expose and Ridicule them without abusing. You just did that exceptionally well. My Salutes for calling the bluff of this self-proclaimed “Senior” and honest journo. Thanks for the piece. And next time, stump her and she will come with another Copy/Paste Slokas (a lot of such sites are surely bookmarked for her use)

  18. A very meticulous analysis supported with indisputable evidence. Fourth Pillor of Democracy has become rotten with journalism for extraneous considerations. Gone are the days when Editors were more powerful then owners of media. Even subjects like Riots are not fairly reported as pointed by Author of this blogpost.
    People will have to switch to foreign news media and foreign news channels.

    But Good point. Lose of credibility of media is gain of credibility for Social Media, which is emerging as Fifth Pillor of democracy.

  19. Absolutely ripped apart and exposed! All such media celebrities suffering from ASS – Attention Seeking Syndrome need such dosage regularly. MadhuTrehan was almost unknown before social media made her famous due to NewsLaundary. Now she will be exposed by the same social media. See her knowledge and comprehension! Was there any relation between your tweet and she quoting the scriptures? Absolute tripe! If we are condemned to suffer such ‘journos’ for some more time, its a curse we should live. But you have done a great job in debunking such holier-than-thou media morons 🙂

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